"One day that’s all we’ll be: A Photo" 

Bill Shapiro, Life Magazine

Patti Friday
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b. 1959
Made in Canada
(Ottawa, ON)

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 Patti Friday is a Canadian Photographer and Author who immerses herself in life, capturing its essence through her lens and pen. Her photographic art embodies a documentary style, presenting candid and cinematic images that showcase her passion for storytelling.  Alongside her captivating visuals, she designs & produces museum-quality posters, lifestyle products and whimsical children's books, showcasing her diverse talents and creative spirit. 

"Although I personally live a casual, laid-back lifestyle, I am a Fine Artist who creates modern, ORIGINAL works that add beauty and style to any space. Be it minimalist, eclectic, country or traditional.

- Patti Friday

Ashley Longshore made this video for me. Thank You! 

Hello! I'm Patti.

Welcome to my blog!

'Embassy of Ideas'

It's a lot like a buffet;

a bit of this, a bit of that.

Mostly about food + drink,

arts, culture,

life in Canada and

a handful of other topics.

In a nutshell, I write

and publish photo-essay-style

posts that I find interesting

at any given moment.

I hope you enjoy it's randomness!

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Miss Vivian Kalman Kennedy
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“Well, I suppose nothing is meant to last forever.

We have to make room for other people.

It’s a wheel.

You get on, you have to go to the end.

And then somebody has the same opportunity

to go to the end and so on.”

– Vivian Maier, Photographer

 “The only way to assert the right to publish is to publish.” 

- Katharine Graham

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