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Photography Fees

"One day that’s all we’ll be: A Photo" 

- Bill Shapiro, Life Magazine

Thank You
so much for your interest
in my photography.

It would be a privilege
to hear from you.
For all business enquiries 

I am dedicated to the medium of photography and visual storytelling.
 If you are looking for someone with a unique point of view 
who can photograph experiences 
with a sense of spontaneity and authenticity, I'm your girl.

Photography Fees:

(See below for more details)
There may be additional fees.

Portraits  $200
Editorial  $200/hour
Documentary Events  $125/hour
Documentary Weekend Event  $1200
Documentary Week Event $3500
Weddings  $3000

“A good wedding photograph will reignite the feeling that it records. 
It will trigger the other senses; 
make you recall the sounds or the smells. 
Couples say that the day goes by in a blur, 
it’s our role as the photographer to bring things back into focus.”
- Lisa Devlin

"The velvet hand...the hawk's eye." 
- Henri Cartier-Bresson

2023 - 2024  FEES

Editorial Style

I am a natural light, candid and cinematic/documentary Photographer.
I photograph within Canada.
Fiercely carefree, curious and interested in everything and everyone.
I shoot digital with various cameras - (mostly) little and (sometimes) big guns. 
(See my thoughts about camera-equipment-tools at the very bottom)
I prefer to shoot early morning or late afternoon when sun is lower.
I love to shoot outdoors or in a room filled with natural light.
Beach, Streets, Gardens - Urban or Countryside. You decide!

My hourly fee is $125 - $200 (within 1 hour of my studio in Barrie, Ontario)
I will travel anywhere in the Canada. (this is an additional fee)
My magazine-inspired shoots include my pre-planning, producing, time and talent 
PLUS my post-production | digital tech expertise.
I retain copyright of my work.  
A Print Release will be given to you so you may make prints/share your images.
A model and/or location release may be required.


Portraits - Candid & Cinematic
Editorial/Documentary Style

$200 / Hour

Portrait Sessions - 1 hour
You will have B&W and colour images - typically 15-20 great shots will be yours from shoot.
All images are yours* to do what you wish! 
You may share and print the images; privately, with others, online and on social media.
*I retain copyright of my work. A model and/or location release may be required.

WeddingsCandid & Cinematic
Editorial/Documentary Style


After the wedding day, creating in the edit suite takes up to 4 weeks.
I want to dedicate the entire month to deliver beautiful images to you.

$3000 for the entire day and 75 - 100 professionally edited images.

I photograph weddings within Canada.
Travel Expense & Accommodation are an additional fee. 
(If further than 1 hour from Barrie, Ontario)

Note:  Together we may assess that a wedding's specific photographic needs WILL require an additional Photographer (from my team), this will be an additional $1000.00 + Canadian travel expense and accommodation for that extra shooter.

How to Book Me:
I look forward to hearing from you!
Please reach out and we will have a short discovery call to make sure we are the perfect fit for your shoot.  I want to delight you! 

After we book the date I will send you a contract and bank e-transfer details.  

For weddings a deposit  $1500.00 is due at that time.  
The remainder is due within 3 days after your shoot date. 
Approximately 2 weeks before your wedding shoot we will finalize the 'Run Sheet' (a list of specific photographs you would like taken)

Typical edit/creation time post wedding day is 4 weeks.

LGBTQIA+ friendly

You may contact me:
TEXT:  1.705.790.8351

View a few of my wedding images here.


I attend your gathering/event (any kind except Weddings - see Wedding Fees above) and 'document' the day(s) in my candid, cinematic photographic style.

Girlfriend Getaway
Business Conference
Family Gatherings

4 hours | $500
6 hours | $750
8 hours | $1000

Full Weekend (2 days) $600 / day plus travel/accommodation/expenses $1200
Full Week (7 Days) $500 / day plus travel/accommodation/expenses $3500

One of my missions is to increase awareness about 'The Photographer as an Artist'. Like all other Artists, a Photographer has a gift to see things others may not. To have a point of view and a talent for capturing life's moments.  The Photographer will unveil the story and give the viewer a narrative. The size of a Photographer's camera or the amount of money they have spent (loans - credit - cash) on their equipment, accessories and toolbox does not always equal magnificent work.  What counts is the art; the eye. 

I have stood beside wedding guests who are taking snapshots with $10,000 cameras while I create with a $250 compact pro camera or pro mobile phone.  I have never been disappointed (nor have my Clients) by the outcome of the images. 

As a natural-light, candid, cinematic/documentary style image maker, I promise you my best talent. 

I currently shoot with a camera that, in my opinion, is a giant in imagery output.  I proudly selected the exceptional Pentax K-1 Mark II.  One of my first loves as a teenager was a Pentax 35mm film camera.  The love affair continues today.

If you long to be a Photographer but are lacking confidence or are embarrassed by your toolbox, I urge you to get going. Don't wait. Get busy shooting. Photography is a verb. (and an art)

Finding the Light,

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