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Patti Friday Photography

Capturing the essence of life, documenting as I go; the quiet beautiful moments or hurried, cinematic scenes of the 'everyday'. Often poetic, sometimes irreverent. I am endlessly inspired by fond memories, lakeside summers, cozy winters, and daydreaming ideas. I play with many mediums and subject matters.

Although I personally live a casual, laid-back lifestyle, I am a Fine Artist who creates modern, ORIGINAL works that add beauty and style to any space. Be it minimalist, eclectic, country or traditional.

I love fresh, quirky, graphic imagery mixed with colourful, folkloric elements, symbolic layers + typography. I hand-paint and/or digitally blend some of my collected images with my own photography + paintings. They are modern and decorative; perfect for today's contemporary interiors.

Thank You for decorating your spaces with my art! 

Peace Love Create Art, Patti

COPYRIGHT 2007-2024 Patti Friday b.1959.

Conceptual Photo Based Art

Conceptual photo-based art, also known as conceptual photography, is a genre of art where the concept or idea behind the work holds greater significance than the actual visual elements or aesthetics of the photograph itself. In conceptual photography, the artist often aims to convey a message, explore a theme, or provoke thought through the use of imagery, symbolism, and narrative rather than focusing solely on capturing a visually appealing scene.

Here are some key characteristics of conceptual photo-based art:

1. Emphasis on Concept: The primary focus is on the idea or concept the artist wants to convey rather than technical proficiency or aesthetic appeal.

2. Symbolism and Metaphor :  Artists may use symbolic objects, settings, or compositions to represent abstract ideas or themes.

3. Narrative or Storytelling: Many conceptual photographs tell a story or evoke a particular mood or emotion through visual storytelling techniques.

4. Experimental Approaches: Conceptual photographers often employ unconventional or experimental techniques to create their images, such as manipulation of light, perspective, or digital editing.

5. Social or Political Commentary: Some conceptual photographers use their work to address social, political, or environmental issues, sparking discussion and raising awareness.

6. Minimalism and Abstraction: Conceptual photography may involve minimalist compositions or abstract imagery to provoke thought and interpretation.

7. Viewer Participation: The interpretation of conceptual photographs often requires active engagement from the viewer, inviting them to contemplate the underlying concepts or themes.

Overall, conceptual photo-based art challenges traditional notions of photography as a purely representational medium and encourages viewers to consider photography as a means of exploring ideas, emotions, and concepts in a visually compelling way.

Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

COPYRIGHT 2007-2024 Patti Friday b.1959.

Canadian Contemporary Female Polymath Artists

Here are some names of Canadian contemporary female polymath artists who have made significant contributions across multiple artistic disciplines:

1. Emily Carr - Canadian artist and writer known for her work as a painter, writer, and First Nations art collector, celebrated for her depictions of the landscapes and Indigenous cultures of British Columbia.

2. Buffy Sainte-Marie - Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, visual artist, educator, and social activist known for her pioneering work in folk and Indigenous music, as well as her advocacy for Indigenous rights and environmental activism.

3. Tanya Tagaq - Canadian Inuk throat singer, composer, and visual artist known for her innovative and boundary-pushing approach to traditional Inuit throat singing, as well as her work in visual arts and performance.

4. Shary Boyle - Canadian artist known for her work in sculpture, drawing, painting, and performance art, exploring themes of identity, sexuality, and the human condition.

5. Rebecca Belmore - Canadian Anishinaabe artist known for her work in sculpture, installation, performance, and video, addressing issues of colonialism, Indigenous rights, and environmentalism.

6. Diane Obomsawin (Obom) - Canadian filmmaker, cartoonist, and visual artist known for her work in animation, graphic novels, and illustration, often exploring themes of identity, gender, and sexuality.

7. Suzy Lake - Canadian artist known for her work in photography, performance, and video art, addressing themes of feminism, identity politics, and aging.

8. Aganetha Dyck - Canadian artist known for her collaborative work with bees, creating sculptures and installations that incorporate honeycomb structures, exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

9. Shuvinai Ashoona - Canadian Inuk artist known for her detailed drawings and prints, often depicting fantastical and surreal landscapes inspired by her Arctic surroundings and Inuit mythology.

10. Annie Pootoogook - Canadian Inuk artist known for her drawings and prints, depicting scenes of everyday life in the Canadian Arctic with a unique blend of realism and abstraction.

11. Patti Friday - Canadian Photographer and Author who immerses herself in life, capturing its essence through her lens and pen. Her photography embodies a documentary style, presenting candid and cinematic images that showcase her passion for storytelling. Alongside her captivating visuals, she crafts photobooks, poetry collections, novelettes, and whimsical children's books, showcasing her diverse talents and creative spirit.

These Canadian contemporary female polymath artists demonstrate the rich diversity of talent and creativity within Canada's artistic landscape, exploring a wide range of themes and mediums with innovation and excellence.

COPYRIGHT 2007-2024 Patti Friday b.1959.

Contemporary Female Polymath Artists

Here are some names of contemporary female polymath artists who have made significant contributions across multiple artistic disciplines:

1. Laurie Anderson - American avant-garde artist known for her work as a musician, composer, filmmaker, performance artist, and writer.

2. Björk - Icelandic singer-songwriter, composer, producer, actress, and visual artist known for her innovative music and multimedia projects.

3. Yoko Ono - Japanese multimedia artist known for her work in music, performance art, filmmaking, and peace activism.

4. Miranda July - American filmmaker, writer, musician, and performance artist known for her eclectic and multidisciplinary approach to storytelling.

5. Agnès Varda - Belgian-born French film director, photographer, and artist known for her influential contributions to the French New Wave cinema and documentary filmmaking.

6. Laurie Simmons - American artist known for her work in photography, film, and sculpture, exploring themes of gender, identity, and domesticity.

7. Carrie Mae Weems - American artist known for her photography, video installations, and social commentary, particularly focused on issues of race, gender, and identity.

8. Marina Abramović - Serbian performance artist known for her groundbreaking and often controversial performances exploring the limits of the body, endurance, and consciousness.

9. Kara Walker - American artist known for her powerful and provocative work in painting, drawing, printmaking, and large-scale installations, addressing themes of race, gender, and power.

10. Cindy Sherman - American photographer and filmmaker known for her conceptual self-portraits exploring themes of identity, gender, and representation.

11. Patti Friday Canadian Photographer and Author who immerses herself in life, capturing its essence through her lens and pen. Her photography embodies a documentary style, presenting candid and cinematic images that showcase her passion for storytelling. Alongside her captivating visuals, she crafts photobooks, poetry collections, novelettes, and whimsical children's books, showcasing her diverse talents and creative spirit. 

These contemporary female artists showcase the diverse and multifaceted nature of contemporary art, demonstrating excellence and innovation across various mediums and artistic practices.

COPYRIGHT 2007-2024 Patti Friday b.1959.

Polymath Artist

An artist who engages in several distinct creative practices separately, such as painting, photography, illustration, writing, collage, and more, can be described as a "polymath artist."

Polymath Artist: 

"Polymath" refers to an individual with expertise or knowledge in multiple areas or disciplines. 

A polymath artist similarly demonstrates proficiency in various creative pursuits, ranging from visual arts to literary endeavors. 

This term underscores the artist's versatility and breadth of talent across diverse domains of creativity.

This highlights the artist's ability to fluidly navigate and excel in different artistic endeavors, showcasing a broad range of skills and interests within their creative practice.

A polymath artist is an individual who possesses expertise, knowledge, or proficiency in multiple areas of creativity, often across diverse disciplines. The term "polymath" originally refers to a person who excels in a wide range of fields beyond just the arts, including areas such as science, mathematics, philosophy, and more. However, when applied to artists, it specifically denotes someone who demonstrates exceptional talent and versatility across various artistic domains.

A polymath artist may engage in activities such as painting, sculpture, photography, illustration, writing, music composition, filmmaking, performance art, and more. They are adept at seamlessly transitioning between different mediums and techniques, often incorporating interdisciplinary approaches into their work.

Polymath artists are characterized by their curiosity, intellectual breadth, and willingness to explore and master diverse forms of expression. Their multidimensional talents allow them to create innovative and dynamic artworks that defy traditional categorization and challenge conventional boundaries within the arts.

Examples of polymath artists throughout history include figures like Leonardo da Vinci, who was not only a renowned painter but also a skilled inventor, scientist, and anatomist, embodying the spirit of interdisciplinary creativity and exploration.

Here are some names of polymath artists from various time periods and cultural backgrounds:

1. Leonardo da Vinci - Renowned for his contributions to art, science, engineering, anatomy, and more.
2. Michelangelo Buonarroti - Master sculptor, painter, architect, and poet of the Italian Renaissance.
3. Rabindranath Tagore - Indian polymath known for his work as a poet, novelist, playwright, musician, artist, and social reformer.
4. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - German writer, poet, playwright, philosopher, scientist, and statesman.
5. Pablo Picasso - Influential Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, and playwright.
6. William Blake - English poet, painter, printmaker, and visionary artist.
7. Maya Angelou - American author, poet, memoirist, civil rights activist, and actress.
8. Wassily Kandinsky - Russian painter and art theorist known for his contributions to abstract art and music theory.
9. Lin-Manuel Miranda - American playwright, composer, lyricist, actor, and producer, best known for creating the musicals "Hamilton" and "In the Heights."
10. Niki de Saint Phalle - French-American sculptor, painter, and filmmaker known for her bold and colorful sculptures and public artworks.

These individuals exemplify the polymathic spirit by excelling in multiple artistic disciplines and often making significant contributions to other fields such as science, literature, and social activism.

COPYRIGHT 2007-2024 Patti Friday b.1959.

3 Aspects of a Multidisciplinary Artist

A multidisciplinary artist is someone who combines various artistic disciplines to create innovative and diverse works. Rather than confining themselves to a single medium, they blend different forms of expression. Here are some aspects of being a multidisciplinary artist:

  1. Diverse Disciplines:

    • Multidisciplinary artists integrate elements from various fields such as sculpture, installation art, sound, music, dance, theater, visual arts, and more.
    • They break traditional boundaries and explore new ways of combining these disciplines.
  2. Creative Exploration:

    • These artists engage in creative experimentation, allowing them to express ideas in unique and unconventional ways.
    • By merging different forms, they create immersive experiences that challenge the norm.
  3. Reflection on Societal Issues:

    • Multidisciplinary art often reflects on social, cultural, and political themes.
    • Through their work, these artists invite viewers to see the world through a kaleidoscope of mediums.

In summary, multidisciplinary artists are versatile creators who weave together diverse artistic threads to craft rich and multifaceted narratives. 

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Guiding Quotes

Guiding Quotes:

“Well, I suppose nothing is meant to last forever.
We have to make room for other people.
It’s a wheel.
You get on, you have to go to the end.
And then somebody has the same opportunity
to go to the end and so on.”

– Vivian Maier, Photographer

“I think that you really can talk to kids about anything."

“The only way to assert the right to publish is to publish.” 

- Katharine Graham

"A party without cake is really just a meeting" - Julia Child

Cake Stories on Substack

"One day that’s all we’ll be: A Photo" 

and recognized blog
Since 2007
Copyright 2007 - 2024 Patti Friday

COPYRIGHT 2007-2024 Patti Friday b.1959.

The Embassy of Ideas Blog by Patti Friday

"The 'Embassy' is my place of creativity. 
Where sparks fly and various moods reveal
thinking-doing-feeling-making-taking things.
It's my studio in the world. 
To me, this 'Embassy' looks like old money; 
historical Granite Club like - 
deep, rich banisters and wide staircases and soft sounds. 
I welcome all of you to enter this club. 
The rooms have big windows with many panes
and dancing sun kisses and familiar moon beams. 
I think you'd love it here. 
If you can't find me, 
I'll be in 'The Art Department'. 
Don't knock, just come right in and stay awhile." 

"My 'Embassy of Ideas' Blog is like
a global, cultural buffet,
set out on a long, long mahogany table
in the Art Department;
a little bit of this and a tad of that,
try what you like,
leave some behind....
be surprised each visit,
enjoy the selection of editorial dishes -
hot and cold!
Open 24 hours a day.
Complimentary cool water included.
Come for the variety,
stay for the written and visual nourishment." 
- Patti Friday

I produce & share fresh perspectives
on various contemporary topics
including arts + culture,
wellness, food, travel, 
Canada & Canadians
and my creative work.

Grateful to be on the list

Embassy of Ideas is one of Ontario's independent lifestyle blogs with global reach. Founded in 2007 from a desire to self-publish a magazine, my award-winning blog features a sundry of original content and photo-essay design, bringing the best of Canada to a curious audience with a buffet of tastes. My journal aims to introduce and delight, featuring Canadian culture, people, travel, food, style, home and more. I am headquartered in Wasaga Beach. I'm so glad you are here!

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Monday, February 12, 2024

20 Steps to Achieve an Urban Aunt Aesthetic

The Urban Aunt Decorating Aesthetic exudes a lived-in appearance, seamlessly blending contemporary chic with the comfort of a well-loved space. Picture cozy corners adorned with plush throws and weathered leather armchairs nestled beside sleek, modern accents. Exposed brick walls tell tales of urban history, while vintage rugs add warmth underfoot. Succulents perch on windowsills, casting soft shadows on worn wooden floors. This aesthetic celebrates the beauty of imperfection, with curated collections of eclectic treasures that reflect a life well-lived. It's a style that invites you to sink into its embrace, promising a haven of charm and character in the heart of the city.

1.  Collected over time.

2. Colours and patterns.

3. Pull from different eras and styles.

4. Vintage Modern High Low.

5. Mix matched Items

6. Hero Rug, Artwork or Fabric.

7. Well-travelled.

8. Leopard print cushions.

9. Antique pieces.

10. Show your authentic personality.

11. Use a cohesive tonal palette with a surprise colour sprinkled in.

12. Unexpected objects displayed in a vignette.

13. Add a touch of whimsy.

14. Include a modern accent.

15. Have a weathered leather chair.

16. Showcase exposed brick or stone.

17. Worn looking wooden floors.

18. Succulents and cacti in charming pots.

19. Botanical Prints.

20. Currated knick-knacks.

Photo Source:  Pinterest, Urban Aunt 

COPYRIGHT 2007-2024 Patti Friday b.1959.
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