Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Embassy of Ideas No. 6 - Artist Patti Friday Newsletter

Embassy of Ideas No. 6

Short.  Chatty. Conversational.

Things I want to share with you.
News from my gallery shop and studio.
Behind the scenes of my life.
We are all on a wellness journey right? 
A cake recipe?

PLUS!  I am sharing a brand NEW LE (Limited Edition) fine art photographic print!!! 

Thank you so much for being here!

Hi Friend!
How are you?
July is here and
I am so confused!!!

Keto. Paleo. Whole30. 
No sugar No grains
No Dairy
No caffeine
No sugar
No meat
Low Fat High Fat
Whole Food Plant Based!!!

Please please tell me what you do?

Until I hear....I am gifting you a good (smirk)
video for you to watch and learn from.

"How to Cook a Fucking Steak"

As we kiss Mother's Day Spring season goodbye until next hello Summer girlfriend!!!....Do you have any item in your home that belongs or belonged to your Mother?  Interior Designers are sharing their keepsakes.  

Gluten-Free is a thing in my world. For real!
Several family members eat exclusively GF so cake recipes 
must deliver!  Great taste. No gluten.

From Anja Dunk (Food Writer and Cookbook Author):

"So thrilled that @guardianfeast have featured 4 of my (gluten-free) cake recipes today. One of the most interesting things I’ve noted after 15 years of catering for events is how the dietary requirements chart has changed over this timespan. Today the amount of gluten-frees is about five times to what it was when I started out. Dairy-free has grown at a similar rate, whilst plant-based requests have gone off the chart. For obvious reasons I take gluten-free baking very seriously and one of the most important things for me is that it goes unnoticed - a gluten-free cake should taste as good as any other cake. So, whilst these recipes in today’s paper are gluten-free, I hope they will be baked and enjoyed by celiacs and non-celiacs alike - These cakes are for everyone.  Chocolate fudge cake / walnut and poppy seed bundt / banana and buckwheat loaf / marzipan and raspberry layer cake.
Thank you to all involved in making these recipes appear on paper pages today." 

Photography by @lizziemayson Food styling by @tamara_vos Props by @wilko_anna

The best books to read at every age, from 1 to 100

I have been absent from my newsletter since late May and I have some fairly decent excuses if you are willing to listen to them:  Travelled to Banff for a week (a.k.a. heaven on Earth) - Celebrated the birth of Twins!  (Grandbabe Population:  10)  PLUS I turned 60 - spent a glorious week with my Kuwait girl and her family at their charming summerhouse - then held sweet newborns for a week. PHEW!  OK!  So now you know the backstory. xo

How is your Latin lately?  Do you know what 'aut delectare aut prodesse' means?

Purple Rain is NOW AVAILABLE here

I wanted to also share with you that I am fine tuning my career by detailing my services and fine art offerings with you.  Perhaps you have a need or you know someone who does.  Remember that old Herbal Essence Shampoo commercial.  You tell 2 friends then they tell 2 friends then they tell 2 tell 2 and so on and so on? 

"Your heart beats approximately 104,000 times in a day and each one of those heartbeats is far too valuable to waste on comparing yourself to another. You were given your heart's unique rhythm to dance to your very own beat. Not to the beating of anyone else's heart. Just your own."  Nikita Gill

Peace Love Create Art Gather ....and cake.


I am an Artist who carries a paintbrush & camera. Instagram: @pattifriday


I am an Artist who carries a paintbrush & camera. Instagram: @pattifriday

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Embassy of Ideas No. 5 - Artist Patti Friday Newsletter

Embassy of Ideas No. 5

Short.  Chatty. Conversational.
A cake recipe.
Things I want to share with you.
News from my gallery shop and studio.
Behind the scenes of my life.

Thank you so much for being here!

Up first!  A message from Claire Ptak (Royal Wedding Cake Baker for Meghan and Harry

"Morning! So I created this delicious Citrus and Blossom cake for @sainsburys 150th birthday. It’s pretty cool and it’s available this week! The very first Sainsbury’s store opened in ‪1869 on Drury Lane‬ and sold just three items: butter, milk and eggs (key cake ingredients, so I’m obviously super into that!).
To help celebrate the milestone, I have partnered with Sainsbury’s to create their birthday cake—a Citrus and Blossom cake made using fresh lime, orange blossom water, and crème fraiche (they were also the first supermarket to sell crème fraiche in the UK!).

The cake is available in Sainsbury’s cafés across the UK throughout the 150th Birthday Week (‪20th – 27th May‬) for the special price of £1.50 per slice!" 

Claire's recipe is also online for those who want to recreate it at home! Link here.

Baking for Queen Elizabeth. No pressure at all!

I have been so inspired this past week by the cake Queen Elizabeth ate, the bursting colour of a spice company and the forever blue story of my paintings.  I know that other colours are going to be showcased in my upcoming series of artworks! Stay tuned. For now, there are 5 originals available in my gallery shop right now. 

I learned this lesson in a monumental way in the last 7 days.  
Do you agree with this quote?

Speaking of colour.  I'm a 'Summer'.  Do you know what you are?

Peace Love Create Art Gather ....and cake.


I am an Artist who carries a paintbrush & camera. Instagram: @pattifriday
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