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Where to Buy The Official Mascot for Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is Olympic Phryge

The official mascot for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is Olympic Phryge. This unique mascot draws inspiration from the traditional Phrygian cap, which has historical significance in French culture. Let me tell you more about it! 

Phryge is pronounced FRIJ (or fridge!)

  • Design and Symbolism:
    • The Olympic Phryge takes the form of a Phrygian cap, adorned in the colors of France’s famed tricolor flag: blue, white, and red. The golden Paris 2024 logo is proudly displayed across its chest.
    • The design of the mascot is a nod to the Phrygian caps, which have been a symbol of freedom throughout French history. These caps are commonly associated with the French Republic and appear on various emblems, including the iconic figure Marianne found in town halls.
    • Beyond its visual appeal, the Olympic Phryge embodies the spirit of freedom and represents allegorical figures of the French republic.
  • Historical Context:

    • The Phrygian cap has a rich history. It was worn by freed slaves in Roman times and has been associated with liberty.
    • In France, the cap has been used as a metaphor for freedom in art and is a symbol of the Republic. You’ll find it on everyday objects like coins and stamps.
    • Internationally, the Phrygian cap has left its mark in North and South America as a symbol of liberty.
  • Motto:

    • The motto of the Olympic Phryge (and its counterpart, the Paralympic Phryge) is: “Alone we go faster, but together we go further.” This reflects the idea that collaboration and unity lead to greater achievements.

So, keep an eye out for the spirited Olympic Phryge during the Paris 2024 Games!  

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the official Paris 2024 Olympic Mascot page.

Funny Tidbit:
Papa Smurf wears a phryge! Maybe he was from France!

Our LUCKY wears one too!

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