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Fragrance Counter Shop and Sell Affordable Quality Designer Brand Perfume Scents for Less in North America and Around the Globe

Indulge in luxury without breaking the bank with our collection of designer-inspired fragrances. Immerse yourself in exquisite scents crafted to evoke opulence and sophistication, all at a fraction of the cost. Elevate your essence with our affordable yet luxurious alternatives to high-end perfumes. Experience luxury redefined.

FM World’s Pure Collection is the perfect blend of quality and affordability – exquisite scents at a fraction of the cost of the designer brands.

FM Pure range fragrances come in a simple, yet elegant bottle and contain 20% fragrance oils that last up to six hours on the skin.

All FM Pure perfumes are Eau de Parfum, meaning they contain the highest quality fragrance oils.

An affordable alternative to high street brands, our Pure range of scents will help you smell amazing – for less.

FM stands for Federico Mahora. Fragrances and perfumes are the flagship product range of FM World.

Some of the fragrance-specific FM World brands include:

  • Federico Mahora
  • Federico Mahora Parfum
  • Utique

FM World perfumes are broken down into seven primary fragrance collections, including:

  • Pure
  • Pheromone
  • Intense
  • Pure Royal
  • Golden Edition Pure Royal
  • Luxury
  • Utique

Perfumes from the above fragrance collections come in unisex, for her, and for him varieties, and fall within one of six FM World fragrance families, including:

  • Floral; sensual and romantic
  • Oriental; strong and untamed
  • Fougere; seductive and classic
  • Chypre; sensual and tempting
  • Citrus; joyful and energetic
  • Woody; sophisticated and classy

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Are you tired of paying HIGH dollars for all of your favorite perfume? I have a solution! I have several parfum designer scents inspired by....Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Paco Rabanne, Armani and several more! All so so good and spot on! They smell the EXACT same!
Perfume dupes are fragrances that are not fakes, knockoffs, or imitations but rather duplicates that closely resemble popular perfumes. Despite their similarity, they are readily available and priced significantly lower than the authentic products they were originally inspired by. Everyone's got a favourite designer fragrance or two, with the best perfumes of all time proving to be a dressing table staple for many of us. There's nothing quite like taking the first whiff of a fragrance that's exactly what you're looking for, but finding the perfect dupe at half the price is even better. However, it's not easy to find a good knock-off, as the differences between cheap and expensive perfumes might mean that you're sacrificing one of the best long-lasting perfumes for something that won't linger past lunchtime. That's why I've done some sniffing and spritzing of my own to find the best perfume dupes. Here they are!

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