Wednesday, January 31, 2024

When the Tulips Open for a Still Life Photographer

Tulips have always been my favorite flower. In recent years I've fallen for others. Carnations, Irises, Snapdragons, Roses, Lily of the Valley, Daisy (Do) of course and Hollyhocks. Truthfully, I love all flowers. Tulips however hold great meaning to me. I was born in Ottawa where the annual tulip festival takes place. The memory of seeing these as a toddler is imprinted on my heart.

Tulips are beautiful flowers that have various meanings and symbolism throughout history and cultures. They are often associated with love, joy, rebirth, and hope. They also have different meanings depending on their colors, such as orange for 'I'm fascinated by you', white for forgiveness, yellow for cheerful thoughts, and purple for royalty.

While the flower is closely associated with Holland, it was first cultivated in Turkey, and eventually introduced to Europe after 1550. By the 17th century, the flower became a collector’s item and an exotic luxury sold for hundreds of dollars each. The story goes that many Dutch families mortgaged their houses and estates in hopes of investing in tulips and reselling them at higher prices, hence, the tulip mania. Tulips were also often chosen in European paintings, especially those from the Dutch Golden Age.

Red tulips can be the best flowers to express your undying love, since the color itself evokes passion and romance. Also, the bloom says, “trust me or believe me.” In some contexts, it may also mean charity or fame.

These beautiful flowers have inspired love and passion, and they can be used for any occasion. Since tulips are a declaration of love, it’s the best flower of choice for your first bouquet to give to someone you admire. They’re regarded as the 11th wedding anniversary flower too.

I hope you find joy looking at my still life photographs of these red tulips.

Patti xo

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