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Project Menorah, 'Only Love Lives Here' Grassroots Movement Supporting Jewish Friends and Neighbours

Hanukkah has just come to an end. For 8 nights we lit the candles on our silver menorah.  We proudly displayed it in our window.  Midland Today interviewed me. You may read the article here.

Here are my answers to Gisele's original interview questions: 

Are you participating in ProjectMenorah and if so why?

I believe in the power of small acts to bring about big change. Project Menorah is a beautiful testament to that belief.  In a nation where less than 2% of the population is Jewish, this seemingly small act becomes a beacon of light. It becomes a symbol of empowerment for the Jewish community, a community that has faced the darkness of antisemitic hate. We have the chance to make a difference, to be the change we wish to see in the world.


Where did you hear about it?

My Daughter sent me a graphic from Instagram with a link to their social media. I was immediately excited to participate.  I made reels, stories, and posts with hashtags. #onlyloveliveshere #projectmenorah @projectmenorah

Are you Christian or Jewish or have family or friends who Jewish?

I grew up in a non-church-going family. I also have friends and family who practice various religions including Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and more. Non-believers too.  For over forty years, I have been immersed in the rich tapestry of Jewish culture and traditions, becoming Jewish-Adjacent in my daily life. The allure of Judaism, with its deep-rooted history and profound teachings, immediately captivated me.  I am currently on a path towards conversion to Judaism.

Is this the first time you've done this? Did you have to buy a Menorah?

Since 2000, I've illuminated Hanukkah with homemade menorahs. During the pandemic, I ordered my cherished menorah, a symbol of miracles. Lighting its candles, I celebrate tradition and the enduring spirit of kindness and hope for a peaceful world.

Have you influenced others to participate?

I hope that I’m moving others to join us. I simply share my menorah photographs with relevant hashtags on my social media.  May my menorah's light spark a ripple of support for Jewish communities worldwide. Let our shared glow symbolize unity, inspiring others to stand alongside and embrace diversity with compassion and understanding.

Have you had any trouble or negative comments with it?

Sharing my menorah in the window has brought only complete support. Our home, adorned for Christmas and Hanukkah, radiates festive joy. Not a single negative comment or private message has dampened the incredible positivity and unity we feel. It is my belief that 99% of all people are kind and want a life and planet brimming with good friends, love and understanding.   

When did you put yours up?

We have lit our menorah each night since December 7th.

Feel free to add any other comments you would like to or feel is important to share.

Project Menorah is a grassroots movement, a humble yet powerful initiative that encourages all of us, regardless of our religious background, to place a Menorah in our windows alongside our other holiday decorations. This December, we can come together in fellowship with our Non-Jewish and Jewish friends and neighbors, sending a message of solidarity and support that transcends boundaries.


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Project Menorah: This December, hang a Menorah in your window and tell the world “Only LOVE lives here.” Antisemitism is up 388%. With Hanukkah starting on December 7th, many Jews must reconcile their fear of violence with the very public, centuries-old tradition of placing menorahs in their windows during the holiday. Jewish families are feeling isolated and scared. And our friends are asking how they can help.
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