Saturday, November 4, 2023

4 Happy Children's Books for Christmas 2023

Pine Tree Island is a magical place. Lucky The Christmas Mushroom lives there. He has a very important seasonal project to wrap up with his team of forest friends! A fun, folktale that is sure to become part of your family's holiday traditions! A festive story for kids of all ages!

Every Host wants to pronounce their Guests' names correctly. Even if you are a flower who is hosting a 'Spring Fling' party! Daisy Do invites you to peek inside her gathering and introduces you to some fashionable botanical friends. It's fun to learn new words!

What if Cousins were able to have a yearly party together to celebrate their love and friendship? What if the gathering was organized by their Grandmother and it had different and fun themes each year? This is 'Bubbyland'. You're invited!

An Autumn story about four world-famous friends who live miles apart. Every year they gather in person to celebrate 'Friendsgiving'. They are a spicy blend of 'Fall' goodness. Alone, across the miles they are great, but together they are perfect! Fab Fall Four is about their seasonal blend of friendship!

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