Saturday, July 15, 2023

Every Day Coffee Recipe

Oh my!

I finally found a great-tasting, 
'good for you' coffee creamer
with wellness benefits.

I've tried so many
products, but none of them
tasted right or got my coffee
to the perfect creamy white
that I love.

Did I mention
ingredients in
other powder creamers
on the market?
Oh my!

My search has been exhausting.
Can you relate?

Here's my simple coffee.
Not just for Friday, but for every day!


One scoop of MOJO
8 - 12 ounces boiling water
(or fresh brewed hot coffee of your choice)
1 scoop of Enhance creamer
with MCT, Amino Acids and Grass-Fed Ghee
(It's Keto-Friendly too!)

Also add...
1 tbsp. of heavy whipping cream 
or coconut milk
or oat/coconut half n' half

Froth it baby!

Enhance is the perfect addition to all your favorite beverages. 
It contains vitamin-rich ghee powder and natural sweeteners 
that add a rich, smooth texture and taste to your drinks 
without ruining your diet!
With healthy MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), 
amino acids, and grass-fed ghee added to the mix, 
it also delivers more feel-good power to your day. 

Enhance is specially formulated to add a more nutritional, feel-good boost to your favorite drinks. Packed with extra amino acids, keto-friendly MCT-oil powder, and grass-fed ghee, it delivers an added level of energy, focus, and weight-management support.
Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Friendly


    Enhances drink flavor, facilitates weight management, improves focus, supports cognitive function, and provides natural energy


    Helps you feel better so you can accomplish more throughout the day, supporting healthier habits and encouraging better lifestyle choices


    Loaded with natural mood enhancers and amino acids, Enhance helps you feel good and accomplish more throughout the day

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