Saturday, June 13, 2020

Simple Seven

For my overall happiness & wellness journey, I 'strive' to achieve these 7 things daily. 

strive  /strÄ«v/
  1. make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

1. Happy Juice + Water 5 glasses/day + skincare
3. Sleep 8 hours (Member #5amclub)
4. Business 8 hours
5. Personal/Family/Friend Time 8 hours
6. Daily Walks (with my Golden Doodle 'Vivian'), Essentrics, Light Weights & Mindfulness
7. Creativity, Reading, Fun & Kindness

Note:  I 'mostly' eat a plant-based diet.  
(Full disclosure here:  I have a thing for 'cake' and I love to bake!) 
I practice 'Intuitive Eating'

If you love cake and stories. 

"Vivian Kalman Kennedy"

Named after.....

Pretty, fresh flowers for my table every Friday

Speaking of baking.  My favorite!
The Royal Family's Baker Book
and this new book celebrating
Queen Elizabeth's 'Seven Decades'
on the throne serving all of us.

My personal at-home PANTRY - spa/health apothecary supports my wellness journey and looks something like this:  

I have an 'Intuitive Eating' lifestyle that's a combination of whole food nutrition, gut-brain supplements  and (B12 + Vit C + D + Zinc), essential oils, ritual baths / showers (epsom salts, botanicals, oils, candles, sound)....I'm a 'tub enthusiast'.... coffee in the morning - tea for afternoon/evening - crystals, skincare (morning/night 3 minute facials), simple & minimal makeup and my art practice.  Forest Bathing when I can!

It's important to be generous because there are
people who need us to be generous.
Be Kind.
Be Loving.
Be understanding & non-judgmental.

Love this book!

Be gentle and loving to oneself.

Links HERE

Peace Love Create Art Gather

Photo:  My Granddaughter Jet. The Art Stadium

These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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