Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Healing Power of Collage A Creative Companion Book by Patricia Schwimmer

Part art guide (how to collage), part art therapy (reference for your studio bookstack), part personal story!

You may remember I interviewed Patricia Schwimmer 10 years ago in 2013. A decade that seemed to go by in a 'blink'.  (Read that interview here.)  Now, 10 years later, Patricia has authored a book so worthy of a place on your coffee table.

When abstract artist, Patricia Schwimmer was presented with a life-altering diagnosis, she knew she would need to cultivate some coping strategies that would guide her through chemotherapy and the aftermath of the treatments. Calling upon her years of study as an expressive art therapist, painter and workshop facilitator, she knew these strategies would have to involve artmaking. Working within a more limited physical capacity, she set about reorganizing her art space to allow her to create a series of intimate, small format works on paper. Over the ensuing year she created over sixty collages, all of which are included in chronological order in this book.

Her sketchbook became a creative companion that helped Patricia manage her feelings of grief, fear and loss, yet still create artwork that was visually appealing to her. While she was engaged in this process, she had no intention of sharing the work, knowing it was more important to create a safe place for her self-expression to unfold. It was some time later, at the urging of a few close people in her life that she began to write the narrative that would form a roadmap for others going through their own life challenges. In 
The Healing Power of Collage, you will find an inspirational guide book, including supplies list, ideas for collecting and making collage elements, and an overview of the art collage community. Patricia also demonstrates how cultivating an artists’ mindset will support your creativity, even during difficult times. Whether you are new to art, or a seasoned artist looking for a meditative practice that will help you negotiate life’s changing landscape in an empowered way, this book can serve as your guide.

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