Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Jollitude Daily Journal: 90 Days of Pen to Paper Paperback

'Jollitude' is a word I created to remind myself that it's exceptionally good to have a merry attitude about life! (Jolly + Attitude) This is a stylish 90 day journal to hand-write your self care, plans, ideas and acts of kindness for others. Putting pen to 'actual' paper each day is an intentional and meaningful 'life hack' towards happiness & overall wellness. Tick off a few simple things each day and record your thoughts and dreams. 

Pages for 90 days of writing, doodling & more! 

Good Food. Good Health. Good Wellness. Good Business. Good Deeds. 

Excellent for families, sisters, friends, groups or teams to do together! Have enough copies on hand for each new season and to share with others.

ORDER your copies here.

COPYRIGHT 2007-2023 Patti Friday b.1959.

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