Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Aging Neck Skin Treatment: Turkey Neck. Sagging Skin. Wrinkles. Jowls. Wattles. Anti-Aging Dew Confidence LimeLife by Alcone


Hey Friends! It's Patti here! 

This photo is of MY neck and decollete. !!!!!!

I noticed I was getting results...and was pleased but...after photographing the effects...WOW!!!! 

2 weeks. Using Dew Confidence - morning and night...

NO filter or digital touch-up or correction. Same blouse. Same window. (natural lighting) Exact same time of day. 

I'm SOLD! 100% Believer!

Learn about Dew Confidence HERE:

Providing professional makeup products since 1952 LimeLife by Alcone brings top of the line cosmetics and natural skin care.

Become one of Taylor's pampered 'LimeLifer' Clients today!


Feel confident and exude radiance in nothing but your skin with our firming body treatment oil. The aromatic essential oil blend of Hazelnut, Rosemary, Geranium and Mint visibly firms, tones and improves elasticity of the skin.

Dew Confidence may support your skin concerns.  Personally, I am so pleased with my own results.

Patti Friday Kennedy

Independent Beauty Guide, LimeLife by Alcone

I am an Artist who carries a paintbrush, camera and notebook. Instagram: @pattifriday


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