Friday, January 4, 2019

LuAna's Bookshelf: Buy a Book & Support a School Today!

Hi, I'm Heidi-Marie

I travel the world with my little backpack and find poor schools in desperate ​need of funding
Together with children in schools from all over the world, we create a children story book 
to sell and raise money for their school.

Every bug, every tree, every cloud was drawn by a different child all within the same school, 
each illustration contains drawings by multiple Children. No two books are the same

Each book contains special elements relating to the specific country it was created in and 
each book is printed in English with the language of the children printed just below, allowing 
your child to see the many languages of this wold.

By being a part of the creation of these books, the children feel that they are in control of their future. They have helped raise money for their own education!

LuAna's Bookshelis dedicated to supporting schools and education of as many children in the globe as possible!

There is something about being in a school and working with children that comes so natural to me, it makes me feel centered and peaceful. I have always ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​wanted to ‘help’ children in some way but I didn’t know where or how.

I found the first school when I was on an all-inclusive vacation in Dominican Republic in May of 2015. I had met and started chatting with a local, who was selling jewelry on my resort. While we were talking, he told me about his work building homes and schools with the missionaries that come down from other countries. I expressed such an interest that he offered to take me to see some of these places.

When I visited the school and saw the condition it was in compared to our schools here in Canada, my heart was so overwhelmed with love that I became determined to try and raise money for them. I told the director of that school that I would do whatever I could when I returned to Canada.

I know I have found my path, my purpose in life.  I have never felt so right about something in my life. My compassion for these schools and these children is beyond words.  I decided I wanted to make this work my life. 

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