Sunday, January 27, 2019

Collingwood Art School and Alexander Art Supplies Ontario Canada

If you are an Artist who lives west of Barrie or north of Toronto and dreads the winter drive(s) to art supply stores 30-60 minutes away, you will be thrilled to hear this.  If you are someone interested in art, art collecting, classes, gifting, paint nights, clay or becoming an Artist yourself - you will be happy to hear this!

We have our very own art school and art supply store!    Hello Georgian Bay residents and visitors!

The key point:  This shop-school (with a cozy, homey, historical, welcoming vibe) is owned by a bonafide, working, professional Artist, Jason Alexander. (not the actor/character George from Seinfeld) - Jason from Collingwood whose art was on the set of Seinfeld!

His paintings are found in such notable private collections as the Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the old Skydome Corporation, Power Stream (Ontario Hydro), Motorola of Dallas and I.B.M in Atlanta to name a few. Jason’s paintings have been honoured to have been exhibited as set props on the late great TV shows “Seinfeld” and “Will & Grace”.

Alexander Art Materials / Collingwood Art School recently moved to the heart of Collingwood’s Creative Simcoe Street. Owner Jason Alexander now has three classrooms where he offers lessons in clay making, figure drawing as well as acrylic, oil & watercolour painting. You can find him at 77 Simcoe, painting daily for his next exhibition or managing the art materials store & art school.

Jason is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design. He worked in advertising and taught painting and design at Centennial College before devoting himself full-time in 1995 as an independent visual artist and creative business owner. Jason opened his art material store and art school in 2010.

Jason has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, United States and Europe over the past 20 years. He has had 12 paintings published by “Poster’s International” and serigraphs prints with “Foundation Fine Art” Who had exhibited Jason’s work annually in “Art Expo New York” Jason has business relationships with Canadian art dealer’s; Profile Fine Art and Foundation Fine Art who ship to US galleries mostly. Locally his paintings exhibit in the “Loft Gallery” in Thornbury and his local studio. Jason participates in Collingwood’s September “Art Crawl” annually with his students as well Collingwood’s “Battle Of The Brushes”

When selecting an art school I know that I want to take classes where 'real' Artists teach.  Jason creates his original artworks right inside this location.  You can peek inside his world and marvel at his talent.  View works in progress too! Art is for sale.

Since 1995 his signature paintings capture the physical and emotional spirit of Jason’s world that takes you on a journey through a vibrant modern landscape. They delight the eye and appeal to anyone with an appreciation for highly energized representational art. Jason’s painting style has been compared to the work of the Impressionist, Fauvist painters and Post Pop Art.   
For information about classes visit
Jason exhibits his most recent paintings on Instagram: xanderpaintings or have a look at what’s happening at the school: collingwood_art_school  

The school, Jason Alexander Art Studio and art supply shop is located across the street from The Tremont.  It was erected during the active building period after the 1881 fire that devastated a large part of the downtown. It was built in only 3 months during a time when many of the town’s wooden structures were replaced by brick buildings.
The proximity of the hotel to the railway station made it a popular destination for travellers, including many Americans through the mid 1900’s as they came to Collingwood to spend their summers here. Operated as a hotel for over 100 years, the Tremont still carries its original name and is an important historical link to Collingwood’s booming railway and shipbuilding era.
“Large and commodious, the rooms airy and furnished in the most approved style. Visitors to the hotel will find it pleasant and convenient and the rates reasonable. The proximity of the hotel to the G.T. Railway station is an advantage not to be overlooked. The proprietor is always on hand to see that every attention is paid to his guests…” -1894 ad

This 1870’s duplex is one of the oldest surviving brick buildings in the downtown. After standing vacant and in danger of demolition for several years, the building was carefully restored in 2012 and received the Collingwood Heritage Restoration Award.

Simcoe Street is quickly becoming a creatively infused neighbourhood in downtown Collingwood, Ontario, two hours north of Toronto. Simcoe Street is home to three restored buildings, including the former Tremont Hotel and the old newspaper building. The creative community hosts over 25 independent and artistic businesses- including 14 artist studios, a black box theatre, dance and music school, two galleries and several culinary spots.

Be sure to check the website and Instagram for classes.
Painting  Clay Stained Glass and more!

Their goal is simple: To give people an artistic expression in a fun and exciting painting class experience. Their teachers are seasoned Artists who want to help you develop and share your creativity.
Collingwood Art Class
77 Simcoe St
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 1H7

 Patti Friday: Reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'


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