Friday, December 15, 2017

The How-To and Importance of Photographing Scanning Digitizing Your Original Art

Last month our family had a horrible house fire.  Everyone is safe, but the house and all of its contents (including...sadly...two beloved family pets) were lost.  

Thank you to everyone who sent kind words, moral support, prayers and donations!

I haven't mentioned this before today because now that I have seen the traumatic aftermath of a fire, I know first hand that although it is extremely disappointing to have your entire life go up in smoke (keepsakes, family photos etc) - things/stuff can be replaced!  

What I didn't tell anyone was that inside that house was a number of my original works of art.  All gone.  Who knows what their future value might have been.  Beyond the smart move of digitizing your works for licensing or fine art / limited edition prints etc. - it is vital that you digitize them in case, God forbid, they are lost forever through theft, in a fire, flood or other natural disaster.  

Being a Photographer at heart, I naturally wanted to photograph my original works of art.  I am pretty certain that every piece that was hanging or being stored in that house was documented.  Thankfully!

So Dear Artist Friends,
If you have original art do not wait or procrastinate.  Haul it all out and get it done!

This video is an excellent tutorial.  If you have smaller works on paper they can be scanned.

Peace Love Create Art

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