Friday, December 8, 2017

The BEST 100 Gathered Brisket Recipes For Your Gathering

Brisket from our Queen

"When you think of the Jewish holidays, there are certain dishes that people expect to see on the table: challah, chicken soup, kugal - and, of course, brisket. Brisket is a dish that may seem daunting, but is actually a very forgiving cut of meat to cook. The rules are simple: Get a good piece of meat from your butcher, season it, cover it with liquid or sauce, and cook a long time over low heat."  - My Jewish Learning

NOTE:  I share a link at the end with 5 tips that will get you started cooking brisket for the first time! 

In traditional Jewish cooking, brisket is most often braised as a pot roast, especially as a holiday main course, usually served at Rosh HashanahPassover, and Sabbath. For reasons of economics and kashrut, it was historically one of the more popular cuts of beef among Ashkenazi Jews. Brisket is also the most popular cut for corned beef, which can be further spiced and smoked to make pastrami. The Jewish community in Montreal also makes Montreal-style smoked meat, a close relative of pastrami, from brisket.

There are so many wonderful recipes for brisket!

Here we go (take your pick!):

11 Essential Brisket Recipes

Tangy Spiced Brisket

5 TIPS to get started cooking brisket for the first time HERE.



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