Monday, September 11, 2017

Lucky Peach Nostalgia

It's (nearing the end) peach season here in Ontario. I have fond memories of climbing wobbly wooden ladders in the Niagara region - hand-picking fresh peaches (eating a few too) off the breezy trees - I was with my Grandmother. We'd head home; the warm September breeze filled the car and the scent of juicy fruit - sticky fingers and face - was heavenly - once home she would preserve some in big jars and make pies for the upcoming cool weather seasons. I have other memories of her too: lavender sachets in her dresser drawers and rose lotion. It was always calming. Comforting. I was a 'Lucky Peach'! It's no wonder I love essential oils today. They take me back! 

I have rounded up a few peach recipes for you! 

Fun Fact: Peaches and apricots share the same growing season! While you’re out there picking peaches, fill your basket (or your mouth) with some apricots as well. Both fruits are part of the same family and are often referred to as stone fruits due to the large seed. August is national peach month, so there’s no better time to explore than now!

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