Friday, September 8, 2017

Golden Palace Restaurant Egg Rolls Gifted Shipped Eaten

How far do egg rolls travel?
I don't care as long as they travel to me!
(I am half joking!  They travel really far! Have a look here)
You will be amazed
As were my parents today
as they celebrated 61 years of marriage!

To their giddy surprise and mouthwatering delight
they received 2 boxes of the world's best and famous egg rolls
Ottawa, ON
(their home town)

They held hands as we reheated them as per the instructions
found on the inserted fridge magnet.

Sept. 8, 1956
Parkdale United Church
Ottawa, ON

They could not wait to enjoy the egg rolls and chicken rolls (white meat)! 

And then the delicious moment came....
they toasted to 61 years....
and began eating....
They loved them!

Both so tasty!
The traditional egg roll and the new chicken rolls!

No wonder people around the world continue to rave about
the Golden Palace!

Remember if you can't dine in
You can take out
or you can have it shipped

The eggrolls are now available for shipping to customers in Ontario.

If you wish to be notified when the shipping area expands in another province or state, please email
There is a minimum shipping quantity of 2 dozen eggrolls. For additional eggroll quantities, they must be ordered in increments of 2 dozen at a time. e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 dozens.

The available shipping options are as follows:

Ship & Pick-Up -- available only for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) via priority overnight with the shipping partner Fedex and Penguin Pick-up service partner. Currently there are many convenient Penguin Pick-up locations in GTA.
Editor's Note:  I used Penguin Pick-up here in Wasaga Beach and it was easy and efficient!

Thank you Golden Palace (Bill and Co.)
for shipping such a thoughtful gift to my parents.
You made their day!

I have posted about the Golden Palace before:

Isn't it obvious?
I love the place.

Oooh! I spy 2 of my abstract paintings on their walls.

Golden Palace, third-generation family-owned, is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Ottawa.  For the past 56 years, their guests have put their trust in the quality of their food and have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in their restaurant. The GP eggrolls are famous around the world! 

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