Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rose of the Poets Artists Musicians Filmmakers Botanists and Bakers of Persian Love Cake

“Maybe there's a whole other universe where a square moon rises in the sky, and the stars laugh in cold voices, and some of the triangles have four sides, and some have five, and some have five raised to the fifth power of sides. In this universe there might grow roses which sing. Everything leads to everything.” 
― Stephen King

I love photographing flowers.  In particular, after a rain when the glistening
raindrops sit preciously on the petals and leaves.

What's not to love about a rose?

The rose has inspired countless poems, books
works of art, songs and films.

Let's not forget fashion, textiles, wallpapers, jewelry and decorative arts! 

Speaking of 'rose' fashion.  Why not wear 
Dolce and Gabbana's rose boots?
A cool price tag of $4500.00
Lucky for us they are now 
ON SALE for $2277.50

There is significant disagreement over the number of true rose species. Some species are so similar that they could easily be considered variations of a single species, while other species show enough variation that they could easily be considered to be different species. 

Lists of rose species usually show more than 360.

Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They have been also used for commercial perfumery and commercial cut flower crops. Some are used as landscape plants, for hedging and for other utilitarian purposes such as game cover and slope stabilization. They also have minor medicinal uses.

Rose thorns are actually prickles – outgrowths of the epidermis.

Rose water has a very distinctive flavour and is used heavily in Middle EasternPersian, and South Asian cuisine—especially in sweets such as barfibaklavahalvagulab jamungumdropskanafehnougat, and Turkish delight.

Rose petals or flower buds are sometimes used to flavour ordinary tea, or combined with other herbs to make herbal teas.

One of the prettiest cakes
(and one Vogue Magazine is declaring the 'it cake' for weddings today)

Click on images for recipe!

Roses are used to indulge in ritual baths and sprinkled on honeymoon beds.

Roses are a favored subject in art and appear in portraits, illustrations, on stamps, as ornaments or as architectural elements. The Luxembourg-born Belgian artist and botanist Pierre-Joseph Redouté is known for his detailed watercolours of flowers, particularly roses.

 The rose has for all ages been the favorite flower, and as such it has a place in general literature that no other plant can rival. 

And Finally....
Rose Essential Oils:
Rose has a beautiful aroma that encourages feelings of positive self-reflection. It helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence. Used for skin care for thousands of years, it is perfect for dry or aging skin. 
Twenty-two pounds of rose petals are distilled for every 5-ml bottle of oil produced!  22! 
In Aromatherapy can be used topically or inhaled:
  • to relieve minor skin irritation, cuts, bruises & burns.
  • to act as a nervine and calmative which enhances relaxation.
  • to help relieve headache.
  • to reduce the symptoms of cold & cough.

Patti Friday, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'
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