Sunday, August 20, 2017

Meditation Rooms Part II

Whether you call it a meditation room, prayer spot or contemplative space,
everyone benefits from quieting the mind and connecting
with our spiritual beliefs.  

I have blogged about meditation rooms before. In fact, it must
be a favorite topic in the world out there, because
it is always one of my top visited posts! 

Meditation and/or Prayer can be done virtually anywhere.
Even virtually (pun intended)

I have fallen in love with diffusing essential oils.
It gives me a sense of calm and happiness.

"Relaxing the mind and body, going within, finding our spiritual center, achieving a sense of oneness, and bringing that sense of oneness into the outer world—this is the process of meditation. This is the process that can put us back in touch with Spirit." - Martha Guidici

"Meditation is not prayer. 
Put simply, prayer is talking to God whereas meditation is allowing God to talk to you."
-Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

Any time we can slow down and nurture our well-being it's wonderful!

Enjoy the following images of Valorie Hart's yard

Photo Source:  Instagram
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