Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My New Nikon Camera

There really is no way to 
the generous people 
who gave to my

I was truly blown away
by their immediate response
and encouraging words

I honestly could not believe that
my small goal would be met by
by these amazing angels!

Joann Prior
The Beachers
Julie Ray
Melissa Nichol
Melly Mel
Sarah Waltor
Sheryl and Wayne Scott
Linda Russell
Cheryl Anderson
Caitlin Prior
Sarah Walker
Patricia Schwimmer

To show my appreciation and gratitude
I have sent these
5 exclusive photographic fine art images 
to those
who showed how much they cared
about me and my work.

These 5 
'THANK YOU' image files 
being sent to the incredible 
Exclusive pieces of photographic art 
are theirs to do as they wish! 

I am also sending these 5 artworks to

Darlene Tilley-Flynn
Ashley Doucette

who each gave me a special gift 
to brighten my day and remind me
to continue my photography.
(I will showcase those wonderful gifts here soon!)

and newly married
Mr & Mrs. Hughes
(who remained calm even though I lost my cam)
See a few of their wedding images here and here.

I got a very important package
at my door

Lucky Lucky Me!

I was able to purchase
my new pro compact camera
a new camera bag
(to keep it safe)
a new camera strap
(to avoid waterfall and lake accidents)
and a really big memory card

I would also like to thank those
who shared my Go Fund Me page
on social media
This was fabulous
really helped!

I promise to continue giving my
photographic art 
to the world

Thank You So Very Much

Another small way I am thanking everyone is my 
Fall Special....see GOOD NEWS image below.

(You may view my usual fees here)

Embassy of Ideas, The Art Dept


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Vlaos Ckosa said...

You're lucky that there are still people in the world who can help in the implementation of a dream! ;d

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