Sunday, August 17, 2014

Margaret's Market Cobourg Grafton Ontario

I love it when you arrive somewhere with a 'name in the name'
and it ends up
that there really is a 'Margaret'
and she actually farms the acres herself
and harvests the freshness herself (with a bit of help)
and takes care of the veggie stand
does the displays
greets her customers
and spends time talking, building relationships
one 100 mile diet - local food lover at a time.

She was so 'down to earth'
pun intended

I made a piece of art to remember her
It's in my shop

Hwy #2
Between Cobourg and Grafton Ontario
No website.
Just fresh food,

And if Margaret is not there
It's the honor system!
Imagine that!


Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'. Reading. Listening. Learning. Improving. Hanging out with successful people. Photographer. Pirate. Bubby. CANADA @pattifriday

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