Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reflections of Diligence

she sees the street sweepers and noble men
passionate zeal and never ending sleepless nights
thrashing heartbeats in the bamboo grove
above the sea foam turning waves
it wasn't the customs of her royal lineage
the ship was hers to sail

handsome good looking
and pleasing to the eye
the most pleasant complexion
all things have an end
even the skin of a god
the ship was hers to sail

egyptian backs turned inside out
a sailor's port undocumented charms
unable to travel
unable to drift
Bab and Bubby
Muhammed and Moses
the ship was hers to sail

the lamp illuminated
illustrious industrious
crow's nest burning sway
liberation of a captain's mood
reflections of her diligence
the ship was hers to sail

- Patti Friday, Poetry Dept., Embassy of Ideas

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