Monday, April 30, 2012

Galabiya Fashion

Move over Caftan (Kaftan)!  The Galabiya is here! So comfortable! The Jellabiya or Galabiya in Egypt, "Jelebeeya" in Ethiopia and "Jehllubeeya" in Eritrea is a traditional Egyptian garment native to the Egypt and the Sudan Nile valley. (Bubby's girls received these beautiful galabiyas from their Kuwait Auntie)  Jalabiyas (kaftans) are worn on all occasions. - Galabiya is another word for Caftan/Kaftan - I love the way this word sounds - GALA BAY AH.  It is a one piece, two-piece or even a three-piece, embroidered full length gown that completely covers the arms and legs. It differs from the Arabian Thobe (see image below) in that it has a wider cut, no collar (in some case on buttons) and longer, wider sleeves. In case of farmers, these sleeves can be very wide and sewn into pockets. They are then used to store small items such as tobacco or money. Along the Red Sea coast of Sudan and Egypt as well as the Sinai peninsula, most Arab Beduinand some Badawi tribesmen prefer the Arabian style Dishdash or Thobe (see image below) over the Nile valley Jellabiya, because of its association with farming. Jellabiya colours are often white (Summer), during Winter other colours such as grey, dark green, olive, blue, tan or striped fabrics are used. In the latter, the fabric may be thicker. Jellabiya is traditionally worn with an Ammama (turban).

The usage of the term Jilbab refers to any long and loose-fit coat or garment worn by  Muslim women, other terms  which have same meaning are jelbab, galabeya, caftan and Djellaba.

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