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Hello! I'm Patti
and I deliver 
lifestyle editorial on 
Canadian arts & culture 
served with a buffet of global topics.
You'll also discover my art
and enjoy behind-the-scenes 
studio posts!

b. 1959
Made in Canada
(Ottawa, ON)

Ashley Longshore made this video for me. Thank You! 

"One day that’s all we’ll be: A Photo" 

- Bill Shapiro, Life Magazine

Artist Statement:

My works of art are visual records of the adventures that capture

my daydreams and personal landscapes.

I explore my surroundings with a candid, cinematic and emotional approach.

I live life and photograph it.
Documenting the present that
may hold a code to the past and predictions
for the future in one sliver of time.

coloured in my mind
are filled with questions about sensuality, nature
and the cultural mosaic of Canada.

I want the viewer to experience unexpected picturesque chapters of
imagined narratives with a sense of disorientation and ambiguity.

Everything is interesting to me.

That’s what I'm documenting, expressing and archiving.


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I'm happy that blogging
is 'evergreen';
still relevant, popular & enduring.
Thank You
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Peace Love Create Art Gather
Patti xo

"Capturing the essence of life, documenting as I go; the quiet beautiful moments or hurried, cinematic scenes of the 'everyday'. Candid sometimes poetic."
- Patti Friday

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