Website: Patti Friday
Email: pattifriday@hotmail.com

Location: Wasaga Beach, ON Canada 

I am so glad you are here! My name is Patti and that's me above with one of my cameras! I live in a beach town about an hour north of Toronto and spend a lot of time building my creative career and playing with my fun family + friends. 

Capturing the essence of life, documenting as I go; the quiet beautiful moments or hurried, cinematic scenes of the 'everyday'.  Painting. Designing. I have discovered that I also enjoy helping others learn about natural products and inspiring other women to succeed in business - These are my greatest passions. 

I would be happy to create original works of art for your space and I'd be thrilled to join you on your essential oils journey!

Simply click here to get started. See what kit I recommend right here.

Can't wait to welcome you to the Patti Friday Essentials Community!

I pen a weekly newsletter 'The Friday Newsletter'.  Please sign up to here. 

You might have some questions!  Here are my FAQs.

Ashley Longshore made this video for me. Thank You! 

Patti Friday

Reporting from the Art Dept inside the International Embassy of Ideas  
Let's Do Cake 🎂


Here are a few keywords to better describe me:

Bold Graphic Folk | Ocean Lake River | Cake | Small Town Citizen | 
Love 70s Music | Camera | Hike Walk | Dinner Parties | Galleries
Law + Order | Over 55 | Pirates | Rain + Thunder | Canadian

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