Monday, April 30, 2012

Galabiya Fashion

Move over Caftan (Kaftan)!  The Galabiya is here! So comfortable! The Jellabiya or Galabiya in Egypt, "Jelebeeya" in Ethiopia and "Jehllubeeya" in Eritrea is a traditional Egyptian garment native to the Egypt and the Sudan Nile valley. (Bubby's girls received these beautiful galabiyas from their Kuwait Auntie)  Jalabiyas (kaftans) are worn on all occasions. - Galabiya is another word for Caftan/Kaftan - I love the way this word sounds - GALA BAY AH.  It is a one piece, two-piece or even a three-piece, embroidered full length gown that completely covers the arms and legs. It differs from the Arabian Thobe (see image below) in that it has a wider cut, no collar (in some case on buttons) and longer, wider sleeves. In case of farmers, these sleeves can be very wide and sewn into pockets. They are then used to store small items such as tobacco or money. Along the Red Sea coast of Sudan and Egypt as well as the Sinai peninsula, most Arab Beduinand some Badawi tribesmen prefer the Arabian style Dishdash or Thobe (see image below) over the Nile valley Jellabiya, because of its association with farming. Jellabiya colours are often white (Summer), during Winter other colours such as grey, dark green, olive, blue, tan or striped fabrics are used. In the latter, the fabric may be thicker. Jellabiya is traditionally worn with an Ammama (turban).

The usage of the term Jilbab refers to any long and loose-fit coat or garment worn by  Muslim women, other terms  which have same meaning are jelbab, galabeya, caftan and Djellaba.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reflections of Diligence

she sees the street sweepers and noble men
passionate zeal and never ending sleepless nights
thrashing heartbeats in the bamboo grove
above the sea foam turning waves
it wasn't the customs of her royal lineage
the ship was hers to sail

handsome good looking
and pleasing to the eye
the most pleasant complexion
all things have an end
even the skin of a god
the ship was hers to sail

egyptian backs turned inside out
a sailor's port undocumented charms
unable to travel
unable to drift
Bab and Bubby
Muhammed and Moses
the ship was hers to sail

the lamp illuminated
illustrious industrious
crow's nest burning sway
liberation of a captain's mood
reflections of her diligence
the ship was hers to sail

- Patti Friday, Poetry Dept., Embassy of Ideas

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Golden Palace

Celebrating its 52nd year serving happy customers their very, very special Chinese food and in particular, their very, very, special and world famous egg rolls.  If you get a chance to eat there, take a look on the walls! Bill, the 3rd generation Owner, just invested in my painting for his restaurant walls! Happy 52nd Anniversary! (I am so humbled as I was born in Ottawa in 1959...52 years ago! How about that!) You have to eat there!!!

Image of line-up - oh yes - the food is that good - A Canadian must-visit destination! They sent me this photograph of last week's celebrations!  Bill told me they came early in the morning with lawn chairs to line up! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Whoot Whoot!  I'm having my yearly 50% OFF sale in my gallery shop!  Check it out here and find several more detailed images of these original paintings by clicking HERE! Sale ends tonight at midnight. One day sale is for Thurs.April 26, 2012.  Have fun! (Prices shown in the shop are already discounted 50% - the sale price is the price you will see!) PFXO  Please Tweet and Share! Thanks!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty Mentors

 Irene Turner penned an incredible blog post about 'The New Face of Beauty'. I didn't know Pia Gronning until today! I now have a 'Beauty Mentor'. She is 62 and hot. PFXO

Your Own Business And Why You Need One

EOI:  CANADA - According to my government's new budget, the proposed age of eligibility for my Old Age Security (OAS) pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) for people born in 1959 (by month of birth) is 65 + 8 months. I will qualify for this money (Many officials and experts claim there won't be any funds left in the 'kitty' as this system is not strong enough to sustain itself) in February 2025.  I will receive my first payment in March 2025.

We ALL need to own a home-based or small business. We need to prepare; and not just in Canada, but globally.  Check out the chart here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Flower Etiquette

Trending strong this year: Weekly Flowers!  And why shouldn't our homes have fresh flowers!  I think it is a civilized, pretty, self-indulgence; an affordable one too, to add beauty and the emotion of love, style and nature to your rooms. I imagine European women - doing errands in the mid-day sun - buying their warm baguette, wine and a bouquet of gorgeous blooms.  So what about 'Flower Etiquette' when taking an armful to your loved one?  Here's the snip: Have it arranged in a vase when you present it to them. That way, they may enjoy your gift from the second they see it and focus solely on hugging you!

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