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What Does a Culinary Producer Do on a Film Set?

In one of my recent posts I shared all the positions (team members) inside a restaurant business. I was inspired to publish that post by The Bear.  You can read that post here. 
I promised to do a separate post about the role of a Culinary Producer. Courtney Stouer and Matty Matheson both set the stage for food on The Bear. 

Listen to Courtney on the Cherry Bombe Podcast here.

"Matheson worked with Courtney Storer (above - who goes by Coco), the sister of show creator Christopher Storer, and the culinary producer on the show, using his experience as a longtime chef to help bring accuracy and delectability to “The Bear’s” storyline." - Variety 

Culinary Producer on a Film Set


1. Menu Planning and Recipe Development:
   - Develop and plan menus for scenes that involve food, ensuring they align with the script, director’s vision, and period accuracy.
   - Create and test recipes to ensure they look visually appealing on camera and are feasible for the scene.

2. Food Styling:
   - Style food for on-camera appearances, making sure it looks appetizing and matches the narrative requirements.
   - Work with props and set designers to create realistic food presentations.

3. Collaboration with Departments:
   - Collaborate closely with the director, production designer, and art department to ensure food-related scenes are seamlessly integrated into the film’s aesthetic.
   - Coordinate with the costume department to ensure food matches the era, culture, and setting of the film.

4. On-Set Food Preparation:
   - Prepare food on set for filming, often working in tight timeframes and under varying conditions.
   - Maintain multiple versions of dishes for continuity purposes, including hero dishes (main focus) and backup dishes.

5. Food Safety and Hygiene:
   - Ensure all food preparation and handling follow strict safety and hygiene standards to avoid any health hazards.
   - Educate and enforce food safety practices among cast and crew involved in food scenes.

6. Budget Management:
   - Manage the culinary budget, including costs for ingredients, kitchen equipment, and any additional culinary staff.
   - Source and purchase ingredients, balancing quality with cost-effectiveness.

7. Scene Authenticity and Accuracy:
   - Research and ensure authenticity of food, cooking techniques, and culinary traditions relevant to the film’s setting and time period.
   - Provide expertise on culinary details to enhance the film's realism.

8. Problem Solving:
   - Quickly address any food-related issues that arise on set, such as unexpected weather conditions affecting food quality or last-minute script changes.
   - Adapt and find creative solutions to ensure food scenes are executed smoothly.

9. Training and Supervision:
   - Train actors on proper handling and consumption of food during scenes to maintain continuity and safety.
   - Supervise additional culinary staff, including food stylists, assistants, and kitchen staff.

10. Documentation and Continuity:
    - Document all culinary elements for continuity, ensuring consistency in food appearance and placement across multiple takes and scenes.
    - Keep detailed notes and photographs of food setups to maintain visual consistency throughout the film.

Skills and Qualifications:
- Culinary Expertise: Professional culinary training and extensive experience in cooking and food styling.
- Creativity and Aesthetic Sense: Strong visual and creative skills to make food look appealing on camera.
- Knowledge of Film Production: Understanding of the filmmaking process and the ability to work effectively on a film set.
- Attention to Detail: Keen attention to detail to ensure accuracy and authenticity in food presentation.
- Time Management: Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
- Communication Skills: Strong communication and collaboration skills to work with various departments and personnel.
- Problem-Solving: Quick thinking and adaptability to address and resolve any food-related issues that arise on set.
- Budget Management: Experience in managing budgets and making cost-effective decisions regarding ingredients and resources.
- Food Safety Certification: Knowledge of and certification in food safety and hygiene standards.

This job description outlines the diverse responsibilities and skills required for a culinary producer on a film set, emphasizing their role in creating authentic and visually appealing food scenes that enhance the overall storytelling.

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