Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Amazon of Affiliate Marketing


Everyday Lifestyle + Wellness Products We Need & Want | Partner With Me

I’m part of a stellar, fast-growing business team that focuses on building a lifestyle company featuring extraordinary categories of products such as Health & Wellness, Weight Loss, Clean Makeup, Beauty, Coffee, Detox Tea, CBD, Nutrition, Forex Trading, Jewelry, Cleaning Products, Travel, Daily Health Systems and more! E-commerce / affiliate marketing is a smart way to work towards earning a residual income! I help others get started as an Affiliate so they too can begin earning additional PT, FT or legacy money in the lifestyle & wellness industries. It’s a marketplace; a house of brands.
Affiliates are given their own website with no overhead or fees and earn commissions on 1200+ products.

We don't stock any inventory, the company drop ships on our behalf, and they handle all customer support.
✔️15-30% on retail sales  (NOTE:  Amazon might give you 3% !!! Yikes!)
✔️Paid on repeat purchases
✔️$40, $100, $200 spree bonuses
✔️Rank bonuses from $100 to $500K
✔️Commissions for life
✔️Supportive, positive community
✔️Free training & resources
✔️ Zero saturation
✔️ Over 500 million in sales
✔️ 200+ countries 

There is so much love and support here and simple systems in place 💗 I have never been happier, working on my own time, from my phone = flexibility.
This biz will give you the opportunity to be independent, creative, and earn sky is the limit!
Popular Questions:
1️⃣ How many hours will I work? Most work just 30 min a day, our system makes it easy!
2️⃣ Do I have to build a team? No, you can just share your site and earn commissions!

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