Monday, January 29, 2024

Who is your favorite child?

Over the weekend I went out shopping with my Daughter and two Granddaughters. Thrifting mostly. While we were driving the girls in the backseat were debating 'who Mom's favorite child was'.  It was comical to hear them declare their choices and defend the reasoning. Of course, my Daughter kept on reassuring them that she did not have a favorite and that she loved them all equally. 

This rapid fire conversation got me thinking. If my creative pursuits were my children, did I have a favorite?

Here are my four offspring:  Painting, Writing, Photography and Cake.

I've literally tortured myself trying to pick 'just one' to focus on, but how awful would that be to stop mothering and nurturing one of them. Aghast! 

Who says you have to love one child (art form) the most and focus solely on developing that one?  Whoever it is, they've made me quite bitter. Angry even.

I don't want to pick just one.  I refuse.

Sure, I may not be known for just one thing, but I like it this way.  I like to be 'varied' in my art practice.

And yes, it's true, the time spent individually with my children is wonky and unfair and not 'even close to being even', but I love them all just the same.

Please don't ask me who I love the most.  I love them all equally. 

Patti xo

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