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What is a 'Photo-based Artist?

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photo-based artist is someone who creates art using photography as their chosen medium for creative expression. Unlike traditional photography, which often aims to capture reality as it is, fine-art photography transcends mere documentation. Here are some key points that differentiate a photo-based artist from a regular photographer:

  1. Personal Vision: Photo-based artists approach their work with a personal vision. They use the camera not just to record what they see but to express their unique perspective, emotions, and ideas.

  2. Beyond Realism: Art photography goes beyond realism. It seeks to create images that we haven’t encountered in everyday life. These photographs often evoke deeper meanings, emotions, or concepts.

  3. Aesthetics and Beauty: Fine art photography is about aesthetics and beauty. Artists define their own standards of what constitutes an image as artistic. It’s something you enjoy looking at, appreciating its visual appeal.

  4. Transcending Reality: Art photographers look beyond the surface. Their work delves into mysteries, spirituality, and depth. It’s not just about capturing what’s visible but also what lies beneath.

  5. Concept-Driven: While photographers react to their surroundings, artists have specific concepts in mind. They create images based on ideas, feelings, or themes. The end result is a materialization of their unique vision.

In summary, a photo-based artist uses photography as a powerful tool for self-expression, pushing the boundaries of what can be captured through the lens. 

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