Monday, January 22, 2024

NEW Athleisure Clothing Brand Coming to Canadian Marketplace 2024 Seeking Brand Partners

Here's a little sneak peek LOOKBOOK
of what's to come for Canadians!

FINALLY COMING TO CANADA and PRE ENROLLMENT for Canadian Brand Partners is OPEN for every province and territory! (Think Lululemon / Alo)
I've been watching this company for 2 years - waiting for it to come to Canada and it’s finally happening! I honestly just gave up waiting 🤣🤣 but now it’s here !! (Feb 2024)
WHY am I interested? >>>>> The global athleisure wear industry was USD $330.97 billion 2022 >>>> PLUS 9.1% growth is forecasted 2023 to 2030. The market is driven by the increased passion for sports and outdoor recreational activities, rise in fitness & health consciousness, and demand for comfortable and fashionable clothes. I see an opportunity here. Do you?
The global athleisure market size is expected to reach USD 549.41 billion by 2028. That's in the next 4 years! Who's with me? !!!
Here is a link to ALL THE INFO.
I’m excited to share it with all of you looking for something brand new , super high quality. Fashion. Beauty. Wellness. Fitness to formal clothing with sizes from XS-3X. Gorgeous clothing for every adult, no matter their age! Also some super great wellness products that I haven’t even dove into yet. If you’ve been looking for a company that’s totally different this might be your sign! I'd love to partner with you!
SIMPLY share your shopping link with friends and family!
NO parties 🎉
NO inventory 🎉
MSG me and I’ll fill you in and send you the pre-enrollment sheet. or click HERE.
Sponsor: Patti Kennedy,

We are bringing this new clothing line to market here in Canada. Think: Lululemon/Alo like brand blowing up across the USA, soon Canada. It's a simple & fun way to make money and be part of an amazing community! The company does everything from drop shipping the gorgeous clothing to handling customer service to releasing new pieces every single FRIDAY in a live fashion show. Brand Partners can earn retail and team commissions, life-changing bonuses, free shopping, gifts & trips!

Get started!
Patti Kennedy

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