Sunday, September 10, 2023

Here’s how to HELP victims of the Morocco earthquake DONATE 2023

Moroccan Red Crescent Society rescue teams were on the ground with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support search and rescue operations and provide medical and transportation. You can donate to their Disaster Response Emergency Fund here.

Global Giving, which helps local nonprofit agencies, is collecting donations to help provide survivors with food, fuel, clean water, medicine and shelter. As needs evolve, the fund will then transition to focus on recovery and rebuilding efforts, the organization said.

The United Nations Children’s Fund, better known as UNICEF, said it is ready to help the Moroccan government with immediate needs. UNICEF is accepting donations.

Doctors Without Borders, which responds to medical emergencies around the world, said it is sending teams to Morocco to assess local needs and provide support if necessary. It is collecting donations here.

CARE, an organization that works with impoverished communities, is accepting donations to support its teams on the ground that are helping provide emergency water, food, shelter, and medical support.



The earthquake is the hardest to hit Morocco in over a century, sending people all across the country’s central region running for safety. Striking late at night as many families were already asleep, the quake killed more than 2,000 people and injured countless more.

The epicenter of the temblor was in an area dotted with villages spread across the Atlas Mountains, about 50 miles south of the historic city of Marrakech. Rescue crews are working nonstop to locate survivors. Their efforts are complicated by challenging terrain and large distances between heavily impacted communities where most homes were not built to withstand an earthquake.

First arriving in Marrakech, our Relief Team is using helicopters and 4x4 vehicles to identify hard-hit communities spread across the region. We are providing sandwiches, fruit, and water to offer immediate support and our team in Spain is on its way with multiple food trucks and kitchen equipment to begin cooking fresh meals as soon as possible. This is a quickly evolving situation and we continue to traverse the impacted region to find pockets of need.

Photo:  Fadel Senna

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