Friday, February 24, 2023

Patti Friday The Gemini Artist


MAY 21 – JUNE 20

The Great Twins. The Trickster. The Truth Speaker. The Visionary.

The Gemini Mission:
To impress;
To explore diverse interests;
To get ahead of the crowd;
To enjoy life as a jack of all trades;
To have many options;
To acquire multiple skill sets;
To be seen as multi-talented;
To think.

Expression and Influences: Expressive, flexible and adaptable; involving siblings, twins, or multiple personalities or multiple approaches; multiples; changeable; many changes and shifts will be experienced in the corresponding area of life; fluctuating; situations involving this area of life are unpredictable, changeable, and ever shifting; short distance travels will be productive for this area of life; expressive and communicative; cerebral; many initiations few completions.

Characteristic Traits: Unpredictable, adaptable to changes, versatile, multi-talented, persuasive, witty, intellectual, conversational, can be capricious, too many ideas and not enough execution; volatile, changeable; lacks focus; gives a strong first impression but no follow-through; frenetic energy; indecisive; curios and inquisitive.

Patti Friday b. June 19th

COPYRIGHT 2007-2023 Patti Friday b.1959.

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