Thursday, April 21, 2022

10 Steps to Achieve Coastal Grandma Escapist Aesthetic

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This is the newest aesthetic taking social media by (seaside) storm, but I think it's been with us since the film 'Something's Gotta Give' premiered in 2003.  Suddenly though, the 'Coastal Grandma Aesthetic' is all the rage!  (Thanks to TikTok and more!

Thank you Lex Nicoleta 

NOTE:  You do not need to be a Grandmother!  This style is for 1-101 !!!

"Faux coastal grandma with an appreciation for soft jazz, crisp white wines, cozy classic outfits. Think all Nancy Meyers, Ina Garten, Grace & Frankie!" - Instagram

HERE are 10 Steps to achieve this look/feel/vibe!  Love this style! 

1.  You channel Nancy Meyers movies

2.  Laid back wardrobe

3. Beachside d├ęcor and fashion

4. White turtlenecks, bucket hats, cozy knits, white button-downs and straw hats

5. Caftans, maxi dresses and fancy robes

6. Shopping at Farmer's Markets and growing a garden

7. Baking pies, lemon cakes and making massive tossed salads

8. White wine spritzers

9. Lounging on porches, patios and rooftops

10. A desire to live by the beach


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