Monday, January 24, 2022

Bye Bye 'Cheugy' Decorating

All of the photographs in this post are the extraordinary work of international designer Laura Hay, principal of Toronto-based LH D├ęcor & Design Inc..  Her work is 'on trend' most definitely and NOT 'cheugy'!  Go for this look and avoid the 5 that are listed below!

For more info on what is 'cheugy'
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UK interior design experts recently turned to TikTok to help identify top trends on their way out for 2022, finding 5 that Gen Zs say are old-fashioned, or “cheugy.” If you want to stay on point — and avoid the disdain of the younger generation — it’s time to say good-bye to “cluttercore, dark academia, farmhouse, millennial pink and ultimate grey,” said the team at Essential Living, a London-based property developer. - Ottawa Citizen  (Read the full article to learn more from Laura Hay.)

Cheugy means something that's off-trend. If you look up examples of what's cheugy, though, you'll notice people aren't talking about big hair from the '80s or madras shirts from the '60s. Cheugy seems to be particularly pegged to millennial fashion, style and more. - CNET

It sounds like chew-gee, with a hard g.

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