Thursday, January 6, 2022

12 Steps to Achieve a Goblincore Aesthetic

"This aesthetic takes inspiration from great Mother Nature – but rather than the uber-curated Insta-friendly looks of yore, with pretty blooms and photogenic meadow scenes, goblincore is a lil bit grittier. If you're into witchy stuff, tarot cards or astrology, you'll likely vibe with this trend.
Goblincore borrows a lot of elements from its predecessor cottagecore, except where that errs on the twee side (delicate dried flowers, pastel hues and feminine, country-style touches), goblincore aligns itself with that which you might find lurking in the deep dark forest– moss, snails, funghi, fallen leaves, fairies and magic toadstool rings and all that good stuff."


Goblincore is an aesthetic trend that grew in popularity during 2020's COVID-19 lockdown (and its sociopolitical chaos), when people turned to aesthetics as, well, a way to make reality more bearable and meaningful. It's all about mushrooms, snails, moss-covered rocks, and scavenged items like seeds and acorns. Throw a few shiny coins and jewels in the mix, and you'll be well on your way to the goblin's mossy lair. - Hunker

Speaking of green, we’re now going beyond the #cottagecore aesthetic and leaning even harder into sustainability with this quirkier variant of biophilia. In addition to reclaiming the wild side of nature and advocating for inclusivity within a realm of forest fantasy, goblincore calls for thrifting, shopping secondhand, and the collecting of small, shiny objects. (In other words, vintage is way in.) At the core, it’s about embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle—with nature-inspired looks to match. Mushrooms, snails, frogs, plants, and moss are some of the main motifs for this trend, which obviously features an earthy palette. Interpret as you wish!

“Some call it hoarding, but we call it ‘collecting."

1. Mushrooms
2. Frogs Snails Bugs Beetles Feathers Shells
3. Moss & Mud
4. Botanical
5. Candles & Crystals
6. Houseplants
7. Vintage Decorating Accessories
8. Deer Antlers
9. Folk Forest Inspired Wallpaper
10. Earthy Colours
11. Buttons & Trinkets
12. Old Books

According to a report, Etsy, an online marketplace has had a 652% rise in searches for Goblincore items.

“Goblincore is cottagecore for those that actually spend time in nature, know that nature is not sunlit wheat fields but gnarly forests and chaotic animals. Often referred to as dark cottagecore, the aesthetic also picks up some of the occult,” - The Guardian.

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