Sunday, May 23, 2021

The 10 Best Ways to Quickly Set a Dinner Table

What does it mean to 'set the table'?
Definition: to put all the dishes, forks, knives etc. needed for a meal onto a table. 
I don't know about you but once I take the first sip of my morning coffee and I begin to wake up, I think 'What's for dinner?'.  It seems to be a dreaded question for so many of us.  Even those who love to cook and spend most of their time in the kitchen.  

I would like to add another question to your thoughts. I propose a throwback to the days when we actually 'set the table' for every dinner.  'What's on the table?'

Perhaps it is a lost art but I hope it returns as a meal time tradition - even if you are single and are eating alone. Elevate your dining experience! Kids love to help 'set the table'.  Let them put their tabletop ideas into the mix!  

The principles are very basic.

Here are the 10 best ways to quickly set our dinner tables!  

1. Storage

Get organized and find a spot to store your tabletop decor items.

Whether its a cupboard, plastic bin, pantry shelf or party closet, find the place you will keep everything handy.

2. Collect Table Linen

Be sure to have some basics like a traditional white tablecloth, a feminine & masculine, some fun/quirky selections and one for each holiday you love. Don't forget some basic white linen napkins.

3. Candles and Candle Holders

Unscented candles work best.  Holders of various sizes and shapes.

4. Vases/Containers for Flowers or Plants

5. Simple glassware that will match everything.
A nice touch is an ice water decanter.

6.  Dinnerware and Flatware/Silverware/Cutlery 

7. Salt & Pepper Set

8. Butter Dish

9. "High Low & Interesting" Object to Pass Around the Table

Youngest to oldest shares there low of the day, the best part of their day and the most interesting thing that happened or they saw.

Who ever is holding it, they have the floor. 

10. Add Personality 
Throughout table or near the centerpiece
Something unexpected, fun, quirky or a novelty accent
These will be conversation starters
The ideas are endless.  It could even be a hand drawn place card or a vintage pickle dish

HAVE FUN! Gather and make memories around the dinner table. 

I am an Artist who carries a paintbrush, camera and notebook. Instagram: @pattifriday

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