Sunday, January 24, 2021

10 Steps to Achieve a Regencycore Aesthetic Honoring Bridgerton

If you’ve seen Bridgerton, you know what we’re talking about. - Lifestyle Asia

Inspired by the Regency era, it's all about historical glamour, careful colour coordination and regal patterns. - Country Living

Want to know more about Bridgerton and The Gilded Age interior style?  Go here.

Fans of the Netflix show are outfitting their homes in 19th-century French furniture. - Town & Country

Alongside this is regencycore, the regal cousin of cottagecore, but less about a whimsical countryside aesthetic and more about reimagining the Regency era's extravagance, decadence and regal charm. - House Beautiful

1. Statement Bed

2. A Regal Reading Spot

3. Layers and Layers of Bedding

4. French Style Dressing Table

5. Elegant Draperies

6. Lighting Ambiance

7. Antique Gilded Bronze Regency French Mirror

                                            8. Victorian Silver Plated British Tea Service

                                                                        9. Chandelier

10. Rich, deep colours contrasted with layers of light, creamy champagnes and powder blues and greens

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