Sunday, November 29, 2020

16 Steps to Achieve Rustic Vogue Style - A sophisticated take on Cottage Core

Because our attitudes on life have changed in 2020 = Rustic Vogue Decorating Style; the refined, jet-set big Sister of 'Cottage Core' - well-bred, cultured and citified with a countryside soul.

Queen's University, The Grad Club
with Kate Golding Wallpaper 

Step 1:  Exposed Beams
Step 2:  Original Floorboards
Step 3:  Paneled Walls
Step 4:  Old and New pieces together
Step 5:  Reclaimed wood
Step 6:  Open Modern Cabinets
Step 7:  Reclaimed Shelving
Step 8:  Architectural Salvage
Step 9:  Perfectly Unperfect
Step 10:  Eclectic Finds
Step 11:  Modern home with character details
Step 12:  Old World Fireplace
Step 13:  House Plants
Step 14:  Antique rugs
Step 15: Contemporary Photo Art
Step 16: Wallpaper Wallpaper Wallpaper!

I am an Artist who carries a paintbrush, camera and notebook. Instagram: @pattifriday

Images:  Google - Rustic Vogue Decorating Style 

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