Sunday, May 10, 2020

Spring forward with top kitchen tips from Anna Olson

(NC) Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the change in season by refreshing your kitchen. Canadian celebrity chef Anna Olson recommends three tips for all of spring’s culinary possibilities.
Out with the old. Just like changing your wardrobe, switch out your condiments twice a year.
To ensure you’re using your condiments before they expire, Olson recommends moving them to an area of your fridge that you can see. Using the tinted glass panel of the LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, you can keep condiments easily visible. The feature helps you save space and money while avoiding unnecessary food waste by simply knocking on the glass to see what is inside.
Freshen your life from the inside out. Give your recipe book a refresh with unique meal ideas.
For many, the freezer is the land of forgotten foods. It quickly fills up with food items we don’t see or use for months. Put your imagination to the test by recreating recipes using what you already have by hosting a freezer potluck for friends and family. Some funky ideas include Thai chicken and vegetable curry soup, or a delicious cabbage roll soup.
Get sweet this spring. Mix and match frozen fruit to create a sweet treat the whole family can enjoy.
Use up your frozen fruit to make tasty puff pastries or fruit tarts. Get creative by using the frozen fruit you already have or experiment with berries and rhubarb to make your creation more seasonal. If you’re unsure if your frozen fruit has expired, look for fruit that is frostbitten or dull in colour.

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