Sunday, May 10, 2020

Celebrate cultural diversity through food

(NC) Part of the enjoyment of eating is choosing healthy foods that reflect your preferences. Culture and food traditions play a role in shaping these preferences, including what you eat and how you prepare your food. Incorporating cultural diversity can expand your food skills.
Keep cultural roots and food traditions alive by sharing them across generations and with friends. You can do this by making and preserving family recipes. Trying new recipes that explore different ways to prepare foods can be a way to learn about other cultures and discover new flavours.
Eating foods you enjoy with others fosters connections and builds communities. Celebrate special occasions and holidays with cultural food traditions or attend a community event featuring cultural food. Host your own potluck where everyone brings a traditional dish or recipe from their family background.
These are great opportunities to learn about different foods from around the world and pass along traditions and cultural awareness.
Did you know that Canada’s food guide snapshot is available in 31 languages, including nine Indigenous languages? Find more information and subscribe to Canada’s food guide at

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