Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Future of the Restaurant Industry Post Pandemic COVID-19

The number of restaurant employees and owners that are impacted is what Pretty Woman would call 'huge'. (Closing in on 1 million in Canada and 40 million in the USA alone - globally it is staggering.) Should this current global isolation continue we will not be able to return to the industry as we know it.  Many things will have to change.  It might be truly great!

1.  Talented Chefs want to and need to feed people.  They must earn an income with the gifts and passion they possess. Let's not forget we love to eat, we need to eat and we must gather!

Chefs | Cooks:
Most of them will become personal chefs, authors, cooking school directors, event planners, culinary tour guides, food shoppers/preppers, video stars, micro-farmers, food producers, window coffee shopkeepers, food truck operators, cooking mentors/experts, podcasters or owners of private eateries.

2.  Health regulations, inspections and local by-laws will need to be revamped completely.

3.  Restaurant people must be allowed to open up home bakeries, home supper clubs, dinner clubs. Permitted to work from home.  And licensed!!! (for alcohol and weed) Otherwise, who is going to make money to boost our economy or pay taxes?

3a.  Home design may designate and switch dining rooms with larger living rooms for tables - closer to the kitchen or family rooms will become the home restaurant dining room in open concepts.

4. Service Staff will be freelance to work in the many home restaurants and events.

5.  Food production will need to be permitted in homes.

6. Large restaurant equipment may only be purchased by large restaurant chains or hotels.

7. New 'dinner and a show' opportunities will grow.  Film night. Live theatre. Comedy Clubs. Intimate live music.  Art exhibits. Poetry readings. Guest Panels and Interviews. etc.

8. More cooking channels will open on YouTube.

9. Cookbooks will be our best friends. They will be plentiful.

10. Home chefs will need a creative team behind them:  Artists, Designers, Marketers, Culinary Coaches, Wine Sommeliers, Interior Designers. Illustrators. Package Designers. Floral Designers. Tabletop Purveyors. Photographers. Linen Rental. Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker!

11. Cash will no longer be used.

12. Delivery gigs will grow.

13. Curated dinner parties in your home or others' homes. Menus may change daily due to food variety and supply. Gatherings will be smaller.

14. Social Media and #hashtags will be dominant.

15. Destination Chefs (similar to Destination Photographers)

16. Shared Ghost Kitchens will be in every town. (Delivery to home or curbside pickup)

17. Empty commercial spaces that now house restaurants will be renovated into affordable housing. (A few will become Ghost Kitchens or cozy, warm & inviting Gourmet Food Markets with meals to go.)

18. Food and Beverage Wholesalers/Producers/Distributors will be delivering much smaller orders to many more 'Chef Homes'.

19. Victory Gardens (and greenhouses) will be on the lawns and in the yards of Chefs' homes. FOOD WASTE will be shunned upon...Food Banks will need this food!

20.  A sense of immense community and intimacy - breaking bread together - will be the greatest and most exciting benefit.

We will be forever changed after this crisis but I believe it will be brand new and wonderful!


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