Sunday, March 1, 2020

24 Ways to Use the Nutri-Hydrating Mist by Aloette

Cleanser, toner, moisturizer – these are all things that we know are must-haves in a skincare arsenal. But what about mists? A mist is an amazing add-on to your skincare routine because it will add vibrancy to your complexion while improving makeup-staying power.

Aloette’s Nutri-Hydrating Mist is loaded with silk amino acids, Aloeganic aloe vera and essential vitamins to refresh, rehydrate, soothe and soften your complexion and as the season gets warmer, it’s a must-have for the outdoors. So how can you use the Nutri-Hydrating Mist
Here are 24 ways shared from Aloette Beauty Consultants:
  1. At the beach to cool down. – Reon in South Carolina
  2. Stashed in the cooler at the ball game to keep the kids hydrated. – Jackie in Kansas
  3. On hot skin at a horse show. – Denna in South Carolina
  4. On your scalp after your shower as a leave-in conditioner. – Lynn in Georgia
  5. After the gym to keep skin clear of excess oil and dirt. –Nicole in California
  6. At the pool to repel bugs. – Shannon in Georgia
  7. To cool off during a hot flash. – Noemia in Ontario
  8. After sun exposure to prevent irritation. – Bethany in Alabama
  9. To detangle your kids’ hair. – Jackie in North Carolina
  10. As a body moisturizer after the shower. – Lorraine in Alberta
  11. For relief from hives and eczema. – Jodi in North Carolina
  12. On your hair and stockings to prevent static cling. – Lynda in Newfoundland
  13. On swollen areas of the skin for quick relief. – Kim in Ontario
  14. After an eyebrow wax. – Mindy in Mississippi
  15. After I shave to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs. – Kim in Ontario
  16. Keep in the fridge to cool off while cooking. – Nancy in Texas
  17. As a setting spray for makeup. – Erin in California
  18. In the middle of the day for an office wake-me-up. – Fran in New Jersey
  19. In the fridge for an extra cool down after outdoor work. – Dallas in Alberta
  20. In your skin care routine for extra hydration. – Sheri in Ontario
  21. From head to toe when stressed for a nice calm down. – Adriana in California
  22. ACE for your FACE because it has vitamins A, C and E. – Margaret in Ontario
  23. To tame hair frizz. – Kristen in California
  24. To soothe a poison ivy rash. – Donna in New Jersey

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