Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fearless with Ashley Graham and Taylor Hoit on Ellen Tube (Ellen Degeneres)

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(Proud Mama here....Taylor is my Daughter!)

Taylor Hoit is a mother of four, who after recently giving birth to twins, now struggles with body confidence. After Ashley Graham posted a real and powerful picture of her newly pregnant body on social media, Taylor was inspired to post her own photo of her stomach, explaining that she is struggling with body acceptance. In an emotional conversation, Ashley and Taylor bond over the physical changes that come with motherhood, and discuss the community that comes with it. To prove to Taylor that she has immense amounts of love and support in her life, Ashley pulls off the best surprise – a proposal! Watch new episodes of "Fearless" every week. Brought to you by: Total Wireless #Fearless #AshleyGraham #TheEllenShow

Did you know that Taylor and Shaun met on

Taylor Hoit in 3rd Trimester of Boy/Girl Twins!

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