Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Mind Body Soul Miracles: Amanda Evans, Intuitive Energy Healer, Teacher and Speaker

Pretty sure I experienced a miracle meeting Amanda Evans 

OCT, B. Ed., B.A. (Hons), RCY, REH

Intuitive Energy Healer, Teacher and Speaker

I firmly believe that we meet people for a reason.  I am also happy that I decided to become part of Healthy Happy Women in Collingwood, Ontario in November of 2018.  Through this group, lead by the incredible Branch Director Ellen Kalis,  I have met some extraordinary women - women of heart-centered influence - kind women....women who I have deeply connected with.  

Side Note:  If you feel like you too would like to make new friends please know there is always room at our table for you to join us.  (Find us on Meetup or visit their website here.)

Amanda Evans is passionate about supporting children and families to be their happiest and healthiest selves! Her own healing journey taught her so much about the extraordinary healing powers of play, love and connection. She is dedicated to helping people take their health and happiness into their own hands, believing in their own magic and the power to heal from within. 

Her work as a Kindergarten teacher (and recovering perfectionist and people pleaser) taught her so much about how we need to be able to fill our own cups and feel safe, loved, accepted and connected in order to help children to do the same. She uses her teaching background, her experience supporting children with exceptionalities along with her own personal experience healing from a brain injury to help support others with invisible “disabilities”.  Amanda is also trained in Radiant Child Yoga, Rainbow Energy Healing and is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a focus on supporting children with exceptionalities.

Amanda has worked with families supporting children who are energetically sensitive and often misunderstood, being given labels like Autism, ADD/ADHD, brain injuries, depression, and anxiety. She believes in letting go of the labels and believing in what CAN be to make the impossible POSSIBLE! Children are our greatest teachers and have so much to tell us when we take the time to truly listen - when we listen with our hearts. Part of this means listening to what we cannot see and Amanda’s ability as an empath and intuitive energy healer helps her to break through the barriers of what cannot be said with words to help get to a point where the words become possible. 

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