Thursday, April 19, 2018

An Afternoon With Maira Kalman Baking Cake Reading Cake Video

This book takes the CAKE!

You know I love (adore)

I have posted about her 

But I also love (adore) cake
In fact it is my favorite food group!

How is an Artist to
choose between 
Maira Kalman and Cake?


Watch her video at the bottom
We get to spend an afternoon with her!
She is so funny!

With great style, wit, and joy, Maira Kalman and Barbara Scott-Goodman celebrate their favorite dessert.

In Cake, renowned Artist and Author Maira Kalman and food writer Barbara Scott-Goodman bring us a beautifully illustrated book dedicated to their mutual love of cakes. Kalman's enchanting illustrations, in her inimitable style, and Scott-Goodman's mouthwatering recipes complement each other perfectly, making Cake a joyful whimsical celebration of a timeless dessert.

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