Thursday, March 29, 2018

Jo Handbags

Jo's uniquely simple designs feature premium lightweight leathers that age beautifully with wear. Their mindful production approach means carefully sourced leathers, 
minimal waste and a focus on craftsmanship. 

They produce what they need. 
And with a palette of tones found in nature, 
styles easily wear season to season, year after year. 

They're often asked why the name "Jo"? 
The name just fit. 
Simple, to the point. 
Plus many bags are unisex. 
That and being monosyllabic appealed to them. 

They care about your posture. Really! They do. Bags should only get heavy when you load them up with the contents of your life. BUT NOT BEFORE!  They support healthy bag wearing habits by paying close attention to the weight of leathers they select AND the construction of their bags. They work closely with their factories to eliminate all unnecessary materials, like heavy hardware and bag fillers, relying on good design and construction principles to make a quality product.

Since 2010, Jo is a collection of timeless, utilitarian carriers that are made to be worn.  Based in NYC they work with responsible suppliers and manufacturers from Italy and Mexico. 

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