Friday, November 24, 2017

Food Associated With Holidays and An Orange Cake Gâteau à l'orange For Remembrance Day

Hanukkah = Latkes
Christmas in England = Mince Pies
Christmas in Sicily = Fish
Christmas in France = Buche de Noel
Christmas in Greece = Melomakarona
Christmas in Poland = Babka
Christmas in Sweden = Saffron Buns
Christmas in Ukraine = Kutya
Christmas in Brazil and North America = Turkey
Thanksgiving = Turkey
Easter = Ham
Christmas in Peru = Spiced Hot Chocolate
Christmas in Philippines = Pig Roast
New Year's Eve Italy = Lentils
New Year's Eve Korea = Kimchi
Christmas in Japan = KFC!

You get the idea...
Most holidays have 'food' associated with them.

But not Remembrance Day!

that this cake should be the 'food'
associated with Remembrance Day!

Every year on Remembrance Day
Let's get together

Thank you Alex Buckman

"I knew it was important the moment I saw it," said Alex Buckman, referring to the small notebook he found in a drawer in his aunt Rebecca's apartment in Ottawa. It contained about 100 recipes written in French on lined, brown paper. The book was more than 50 years old, the recipes were mostly for splendid desserts -- Gâteau aux orangesSabayon italienneGâteau neigeSoufflé à la confiture. But it was neither the age of the recipes nor their grand style that made the book so special. It was their provenance: Rebecca Teitelbaum had created the book while she was imprisoned for 17 months at Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany during the Second World War.

One of the very few such recipe books to survive the Shoah belonged to Rebecca Teitelbaum, who, as a forced laborer in Ravensbruck, managed to steal paper, pencil, needle and thread to write and sew together a tiny, 110-page book of the recipes she recalled from home. The women around her found comfort in reading the recipes aloud to one another. Teitelbaum lost the book during her forced evacuation from the camp, but a stranger found it and succeeded in returning it to her in Belgium, where he located her two years later. The book is now housed in the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center.

Patti Friday: Reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

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